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An academic essay writing is common in the University. Basically, students reflect on how well they understand a topic or a course material. Also, the academic papers determine the effort learners put into research or their ability to analyze and select appropriate information. Hence, academic essays are more serious than other school assignments since they follow a defined structure, require critical analysis of information, depending on credible evidence, and contribute to knowledge.


The academic essay writing contains an introduction, body, and conclusion. For instance, the first paragraph sets out the background of one’s argument. Mainly, the learner introduces the content of the essay and the theoretical perspective of the paper. Also, the section contains a definition of critical terms and thesis statement. In this case, the introductory section includes the central contention that guides the overall work. Then, the body contains several paragraphs present fundamental ideas supporting the thesis. Along these lines, this part of the academic essay writing comprises of developing phrases that amplify the topic statement. Moreover, the student should include evidence and linking sentences. Basically, practical scholarly papers have an ending that restates the line of argument. In turn, the learner should not introduce new informing in the conclusion. Therefore, academic writing is more serious than other school assignments because it follows a defined structure. 

Academic essay writing

Critical Analysis in the Academic Essay Writing

The academic essay writing calls for critical analysis of information. For instance, the student considers the information presented in the paper carefully. In this case, the process of examining evidence allows the learner to ensure that the content is compelling and sufficient. Moreover, the procedure helps the person to gather the appropriate evidence to support the central claim. Therefore, the scholarly essay is more serious than other school assignments because the writer must analyze the relevant information to ensure it backs the main assertions.

Credible Evidence

The academic essay writing relies on credible evidence. For example, the learner acknowledges the information borrowed from different sources. In this case, the work contains accurate in-text citations and a reference list with full bibliographic details. Also, proper citations help to avoid plagiarism. On the other hand, the person should borrow information from reliable sources. In turn, current and peer-reviewed references contain irrefutable evidence. As a rule, sources published within five years from the date of use are suitable. Thus, the academic paper is a formal work compared to other school assignments because it contains accurate and relevant evidence.   

Advancing the Knowledge

Scholars use academic essay writing to advance current knowledge. For example, the student begins by identifying a knowledge gap. In this case, the central claim, arguments, and evidence presented to address the problem in knowledge. Further on, the paper informs the readers about the new evidence. For instance, the learner gives a new perspective on the scholarly essay. Consecutively, the academic paper convinces the readers that the unique point of view is valid. Thus, the academic essay improves on the existing knowledge.

Conclusion on Academic Essay Writing

In conclusion, academic essay writing is a serious work that follows a unique structure. Basically, academic papers contain an informative introduction, evidential body, and a gripping ending. In this case, the student analyzes information to ensure that the paper is relevant and appropriate. Moreover, academic writing depends on credible evidence. In turn, the person gathers evidence from current and related sources. Lastly, scholarly work contributes to knowledge.

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