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American Psychology Association (APA) developed a referencing format in 1892 for use in humanities. Basically, the APA updated its referencing manual to the current sixth edition, which is useful in many disciplines. In this case, the APA format of writing helps people to avoid plagiarism by acknowledging the quoted information. Hence, the APA format of writing covers a title page and a running head, use accurate text citations and a detailed reference list, which helps to avoid all forms of plagiarism.

Title Page and Running Head

Papers prepared in the APA format of writing should have a title page and a running head. Firstly, the title page contains the heading of a document, student’s name, and relevant institution. Basically, one should center the details on the title page. Also, the details should begin three spaces down the page. Then, the APA style requires authors to include a running head. In this case, the title should appear in the header of every page. For example, people must flush the running head to the left end and the page number to the right. Besides, they should use the phrase “Running head” in the title page only. Thus, the APA style format requires academic papers to have a title page and a running head.

APA format of writing

In-Text Citations in the APA Format

The APA format of writing allows the authors to use accurate in-text citations to avoid plagiarism. For instance, a writer should use author-date format in-text citations when acknowledging information from printed sources. Basically, one should use the last name of the author and the year of publication. In this case, a comma should separate the author’s surname and date of publication. Also, the APA 6th edition format emphasizes the use of page number when acknowledging direct quotes. Hence, a letter “p.” must precede the page number with information quoted. Besides, the citation must appear in brackets at the end of the direct quote. Therefore, the APA referencing emphasizes that a writer must acknowledge information borrowed from other sources.

References in Writing

The APA format of writing requires the authors to use the APA reference page to avoid plagiarism. For instance, the APA format reference page must contain all the cited sources. Basically, one must arrange the sources in alphabetical order by the surname of the principal author. Then, the APA paper requires one to include all bibliographic details in the reference list. For example, people must include the names of the author, the title of the sources, and year of publication. Besides, they should include a range of pages, Digital Object Identifiers, Internet links, and volume and issue numbers where applicable. In turn, full bibliographic details enhance the credibility of the sources used in preparing an academic paper. Thus, the APA style paper emphasizes on the use of full bibliographic information for sources used in making scholarly documents.

Conclusion on the APA Format of Writing

In conclusion, the APA format of writing requires students to include a title page and a running head. Also, the running head must be on every page. Basically, the APA style emphasizes the use of accurate in-text citations and a detailed reference list. Thus, proper text citations and references list help to avoid all forms of plagiarism. In turn, IEEE standards dictate other rules for research papers compared to what is APA style.

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