How to Write Essay Introduction

The introduction is an essential part that determines if people will read an essay. Basically, a student provides a background of the topic in the first paragraph. In this case, the section should deliver a clear summary of the entire paper. Hence, people must learn how to write essay introduction. Besides, an effective opening of an article should have a strong thesis statement. When writing an introduction, one should use new words to represent the relevant background, thesis statement, and useful information that convinces the readers since the argument must be valid.

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How to Write an Introduction

An introductory paragraph is an essential section in various types of writing like essays, reports, research papers, and books. Basically, a good introduction explains the rationale for undertaking a study. In this case, a writer should describe the primary purpose of research or an academic paper and know how to write an introduction. Besides, it is essential to include the general statement about the general findings of other scholars. In particular, good introductions should state the topic, give a synopsis of the relevant literature, identify the knowledge gap, indicate the aim, and contain a thesis statement.

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