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Paragraph Writing

Academic writing helps to communicate one’s thoughts on a specific topic. Basically, a paragraph is a series of sentences related to a single idea. In turn, quality paragraphs must be clear and coherent to enhance communication of ideas. Hence, paragraph writing requires an author to select a subject, develop a topic statement, demonstrate the main argument, provide accurate meaning, and conclude the ideas.

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How to Write a Paragraph

Paragraphs are a collection of sentences that supports specific ideas. Basically, a good paragraph presents a unique view and starts with a topic sentence. In this case, a writer makes a single concept evident in the topic sentence. Also, other sentences support the central purpose and help to maintain the scope of a paragraph. Hence, people need to know how to write a paragraph. In turn, organizing points helps to keep the flow of ideas in a paragraph. Particularly, an effective paragraph must contain a subject, supportive evidence, and a transitional sentence.

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How to Write a Topic Sentence

Quality writing requires students to have a high level of organization. Basically, the statement implies that students should organize their ideas and thoughts in a precise and transparent manner. In this case, they need to know how to write a topic sentence in each body paragraph. Besides, good organization of ideas improves general writing skills. Hence, a topic sentence appears in every paragraph to identify the main purpose presented by the author, contains a single idea, must be clear, should transition sections and captures a reader’s attention.

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