Philosophy Essay

In this philosophy essay example, the concept of morality in public life is one of the significant ways and means of adapting individuals in society, combining freedom and responsibility. Historically, the term “morality” means the primacy in the process of human socialization. It enters the inner world of the human. Also, the essence of morality is that people realize the need for their actions, which corresponds to a particular type of social behavior. These moral principles rely on personal beliefs and public opinion. On the other hand, in the era of globalization, moral values become universal because of the close interaction between the cultures, its features, and carriers. Basically, if the person does not follow the universal moral values, then this individual will be rejected by society. In this philosophy essay example, contemporary humanity has universal moral values because of the globalization and its consequences.

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Article Review Example

In the article “Against Headphones,” written by Virginia Heffernan, the author claims that the less use of headphones would be better for people’s health. By stating that humanity loses their hearing, Heffernan thinks that people can save their hearing if they use headphones only with the proper purpose, such as the periodically playing audiobooks, music, movie, videos, radio audibly, and television. Also, Heffernan concludes the invention of headphones is a positive event in human development. However, the frequent use of headphones harms human health. Thus, this article review example focuses on the work “Against Headphones” by Virginia Heffernan to analyze author’s arguments and provide well-organized and meaningful responses to the main points.

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Advertisement Analysis Assignment

An advertisement analysis assignment is a common type of work where students have to find a visual representation of a good and write a paper on it. Basically, people analyze the chosen advertisements on different aspects of the visual pictures. In this case, they can define the main aspects that companies use to interest the audience. Also, students can find it interesting to describe their feelings and thoughts when they look into the advertisements. On the other hand, they can define the strong or weak aspects of the methods or visuals that the companies used for their advertisements. In turn, this advertisement assignment focuses on an analysis of the “big. beefy. bliss.” visual representation with the products, such as Big Mac, Angus Deluxe Third Pounder, and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

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Advertisement Review

For this advertisement review example, I evaluated the advertisement that includes the theme of the particular food. In this case, my criteria of the evaluation include finding the advertisement influences on the food choices, audience, emphasized attributes, ways of the attention, factual information, trust for the consumers, second floor, and its effectiveness. In order to complete this task, I took the McDonald’s menu of the meal with a side salad and cola or McCombo (Pic. 1).

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