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Expository Essay

The expository essay is one of the most iconic types of essays as the one has to know how to successfully write such type of work to understand techniques required for more complicated ones, such as research papers. The expository essay is usually referred to as the accomplishment of a simple goal of establishing an idea in a coherent piece of writing. Development of the thinking process and creation of referral links to specific arguments, linking them to evidence, is what is usually expected from students who write an expository essay. Hence, learning how to successfully complete such a task is important to advance academically as well as evolve as a writer.

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Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is a type of homework assignments given to students from the schools. In particular, the main reasons for doing narrative writing are the improvement of a student’s memory and thinking, help with building positive study skills and working individually. Additionally, the amount of homework depends on factors like level of education and number of subjects covered. Hence, the key destructing things to do during homework include the checking social media sites, interacting with family, watching television, a daydream, playing music, video gaming, and spending time with pets, covering useful techniques and questions. Planning one’s time makes it easy not to be distracted when doing assignments. In turn, students should ask questions at schools while it counters homework destructors like a daydream. Therefore, narrative writing is vital to identify and understand homework destructors to be able to do take-home assignments efficiently.

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example

This rhetorical analysis essay example emphasizes the problems that the educational system has right now. Using the Ted Talk by Ken Robinson, “Do Schools Kill Creativity,” it was found that various institutions fail to educate students in the expected way as they cannot encourage their creativity. Such issues arise due to the low income in various professions. Also, it happens due to strict educational frameworks where test-solving skills matter the most. The author explains why such a tendency is a problem for the current society. He delivers the required message by using ethos, pathos, and logos. Additionally, the use of rhetorical appeals helped the author to call to action so that the audience changes their perception of what is right and wrong when it comes to students and their development.

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Argument Analysis Essay Example

This argument analysis essay example looks at the process of how to do a Rogerian argument by using the debate on homeschooling. In this case, the goal is to use the sensitive subject on the discussion about homeschooling to identify both the opposing views and proposing views of homeschooling and establish a mutual ground to reach an agreement. Moreover, this paper covers the works, such as the article “The homeschool apostates” by Kathryn Joyce and the study “The impact of schooling on academic achievement: Evidence from homeschooled and traditionally schooled students” by Sandra Martin-Chang, Odette N. Gould, and Reanne E. Meuse. In this argument analysis essay example, statements of both sides on homeschooling that have clear and well-supported views highlight the important aspects of the Rogerian argument.

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Academic Review

This academic review is about a theme of matriarchy in Mad Max. This theme becomes popular in modern cinematography because of the representation of a woman as a dominant power. In particular, by considering patriarchal norms, women cannot take a key position in society because of established practices. However, patriarchal society changes while women get more rights in comparison to past tendencies. In this way, this academic review provides new views on the role of a woman in the cinematography by using the example of female characters in the Mad Max franchise and focusing on a heroine, Imperator Furiosa.

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