Chicago Style Example

This Chicago style example provides the rules that scholars use to format sources used in preparing academic papers. Basically, the Chicago style emphasizes the use of notes to acknowledge information from different sources. In this case, correct formatting of the notes and bibliography improves the quality of academic writing. Hence, the Chicago style example allows people to organize academic papers with a correctly formatted title page, footnotes, and a detailed bibliography list. 

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Chicago Bibliography

A Chicago bibliography is a detailed list of all the references quoted in an academic paper. Basically, a bibliography helps students to indicate the accurate sources of the evidence that they use in writing academic papers. In the Chicago style, a bibliography starts on a separate page. Also, the section appears at the end of an assignment or academic writing and contains details of the sources used as in-text citations. Hence, the bibliography page for papers formatted in Chicago style contains references arranged alphabetically or chronologically, includes single-spaced and hanging indented entries, has italicized designations for some sources, and cover capitalized titles.

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Turabian Format

Kate Turabian developed referencing rules that simplified the Chicago style for college students. In turn, the Turabian format is useful in preparing academic papers in History and Music. Also, Turabian formatting rules help students to keep track of specific bibliographic details that determine the credibility of a source. However, the Turabian format requires academic papers to have in-text citations in the form of footnotes and a corresponding bibliography.

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Cite Chicago

The Chicago documentation style is widely used in academic writing. For instance, the note-bibliography style is one of the distinct forms of the Chicago citation style. Also, people must know this format in order to avoid plagiarism. Basically, if people cite Chicago, it comprises of two main features: footnotes (F) and bibliography entries (B). In particular, the note-bibliography style focuses on specific guidelines for footnotes, shortened notes, and the bibliography list.

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Turabian Citation

The Turabian citation or Chicago format is a referencing style typical in humanities. Basically, the primary purpose of the Turabian referencing style is to help avoid plagiarism by following specific rules. For instance, when people use evidence from other studies, they must cite it in their papers. In this case, this technique provides two methods for acknowledging sources used in writing. In particular, the Turabian citation requires people to either use the author-date format, footnotes, and a bibliography.

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