Reference List

Credibility is an essential aspect of any written assignment or scholarly work. Basically, students should use relevant evidence to support their claims and assertions. For instance, in the Harvard referencing style, acknowledging the sources of information used makes a paper credible. As a rule, one must provide in-text citations and reference list. In this case, the two components help students to avoid plagiarism during writing. Hence, the reference list for papers in the Harvard format contains full bibliographic information of all sources used in in-text citation arranged in alphabetical or chronological orders, Also, this style allows readers to locate the origin of evidence used in writing a scholarly work for authentication purpose.

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Harvard Style Guide

This Harvard style guide serves to help people to write better papers by following the key rules of the format. Unfortunately, many students face a lot of challenges when they get their assignments in the Harvard format. Moreover, many websites provide wrong information on the Harvard style because they do not monitor changes in the format. In this case, this Harvard style guide covers the main rules of making in-text citations and organizing reference lists.

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