Annotated Bibliography

APA Annotated Bibliography

This APA annotated bibliography example can help many scholars and students to save their time when they want to organize credible sources for their research. Basically, any research process includes finding information related to the theme under investigation. In this case, such papers follow the APA format since it is a common writing style used for research papers or essays. Also, before writing a paper, scholars and students must write an annotated bibliography in APA where they identify key points that they will use for their papers. In turn, not all of them know how to organize their annotations by following the writing format. Hence, this example of APA annotated bibliography serves as a manual where people can find useful information on it.

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MLA Annotated Bibliography

Many students get assignments where they need to organize MLA annotated bibliography for their essays or research papers. Basically, this type of writing serves to research and organize sources for using them in the paper. Also, an example of an annotated bibliography in MLA does not have any specific rules. However, the paper must be organized in the MLA format. Then, in order to help students to organize correct works, this article includes the MLA annotated bibliography example for two sources. In turn, this example of MLA annotated bibliography illustrates the expanded version of the paper.

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