Article Summary

Summary Writing

Summary writing is an essential skill learned at various levels of education. Basically, the mastery of the summary writing technique is mandatory at advanced education levels. Also, it is one of the demands of research since this practice shapes writing skills and process of analyzing information. Hence, summary writing is a unique skill that scholars may leverage during research to optimize the process and organize good papers.

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How to Write a Summary for an Article

A summary helps to condense the main points in a scholarly source. Basically, compelling summaries help the readers to understand the meaning of the original work. In this case, people need to learn how to write a summary for an article. When writing a paper, they must present facts in their own words without partiality. Sometimes, a summary quotes useful phrases from the source. Also, a person must place such sentences in the quotation marks. Hence, a reputable summary should be complete, concise, accurate, objective, coherent, and independent.

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Summary Example

Summaries help students to condense information from different scholarly sources. Basically, students use general statements when making summaries. The process of writing a summary example involves identifying the essential points in academic material. In this case, students write summaries in their own words to inform readers about the fundamental concepts presented in a scholarly source. Hence, writing a summary example requires a writer to identify the main points in a source, recapitulate them to enhance the understanding level, and inform the audience about the central concepts.

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How to Start a Summary

When students get assignments to retell specific studies, they ask themselves how to start a summary. Basically, this question arises not only because learners may not have the necessary knowledge but also they need guides as a starting point. Unfortunately, many summaries must be rewritten because students use irrelevant guides to meet standards. Therefore, this article covers a technique on how to start a summary and write a high-quality paper.

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How to Write a Summary

Unfortunately, many students do not know how to write a Summary. It is because they provide a subjective opinion on the reviewed article. In turn, a summary is a situation when people retell the work of the author by using own words. Moreover, they cannot copy and paste the information because it will be plagiarism. Therefore, this article serves to cover the main aspects of how to wrote a summary to follow the format and avoid plagiarism cases.

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