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Scientific Research Paper

The search for contacts with other people is related to the emerging need for communication. Unlike animals, the need for communication or contact is quite an independent internal stimulus of other needs, such as food, clothing, and others. Basically, a person becomes the object and the subject of sympathy and antipathy. The components of mutual attraction are attraction and sympathy. The term “sympathy” means an emotional positive attitude toward the object. In the case of the mutual sympathetic emotional attitudes, people create a holistic intra-group state of the interaction by the satisfaction. As a result, this situation leads to intimacy. In this scientific research paper example, this work focuses on the explanation of the basic concepts of attraction and intimacy in the social psychology perspective.

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How to Write a Research Paper

Research papers are common forms of academic essays. Basically, all students learn and continue to practice as they advance their careers. If people know how to write a research paper, they understand that the procedure includes some crucial aspects. In particular, people must focus on four main issues: understanding instructions, collection and organization of research, thesis and outline formation, and editing.

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Abstract Research Paper

An abstract provides an accurate description and summary of research work. Basically, an abstract is a summary of complete research that informs the audience of all the vital points. Usually, a good abstract should be 10% of the entire work or approximately 150 words. In turn, people need to know how to write an abstract research paper. Hence, it should provide a summary of the problem statement, methods, results, implications, and conclusion clearly and convincingly.

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Writing a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is an important activity in academic life. Basically, every student has to write an effective research paper before completing college studies. In this case, the quality of a research paper determines one’s success in academics. Also, most students find it hard to complete a research paper. Hence, the process of writing academic papers requires a student to recall the primary objectives, target audience, the importance of editing, and language choice. 

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Research Paper Outline Template

An abstract is the first section of a research paper outline template that the audience reads. Typically, it is one paragraph, which concisely summarises the reasons for the research, procedure, results, and implications. In this case, the abstract mentions all the critical information included in the research paper outline template. Also, it ensures that the readers have a clear idea of the content of the research. Hence, the summary developed in the abstract should communicate as a standalone element of a research paper.

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