Informative Speech

The sharing of information has become a priority in contemporary society. In this case, people inform others when they want to cover some issues or describe other themes. Besides written or online material, the transfer of information is realized through informative speeches. In particular, an informative speech employs readily discernible organization patterns and modes of informing. Hence, these unique features make it exploitable by scholars in sharing their works.

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Persuasive Speech

Persuasive speaking is a skill that most human beings use in face-to-face conversations daily. Basically, a person uses a persuasive speech when trying to influence a broader audience. Also, people must use correct themes, words, and techniques to persuade others successfully. In particular, the focus on stock issues and incorporation of persuasion modes in the creation of a persuasive speech makes it a unique piece of writing that scholars may use to facilitate their works.

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Speech Writing

Speech writing is an important aspect of persuading people. Although some people state that they can persuade everyone in everything, these individuals use specific techniques. For instance, Martin Luther King in his speech, “I have a dream,” implements examples, thematic words, common language, similes, and metaphors to persuade his audience. In this case, the use of these persuasive techniques helped King to get the desired response in the hearts of his audience. Therefore, speech writing is a powerful tool to influence others.

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