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Contract cheating is not a new challenge in the academic sphere. Basically, the advent of the readily available Internet has changed the landscape of using writing services. In this case, this global technology made it difficult to detect and control. Also, the desire to engage in contract cheating may be triggered by the risk of failure in light of the extended financial investment. The discourse on the use of the essay writing service is multifaceted, but students’ risk preferences and personality are the most crucial underlying factors of its widespread practice when they buy cheap essays.

Benefits of Buying Cheap Essays

Students uncertain about their characters usually engage in rational decision making, depending on situational circumstances. For instance, some individuals buy cheap essays in situations where the payoff overweighs the risk. Basically, this group of students critically considers the fact that much money has been used in funding their education. In this case, adverse outcomes should be avoided at all costs. However, the decision to engage in hiring ghostwriters among people is not only influenced by failure and college fees but also other factors that enable the individual to maintain a favorable self-image.

Buy cheap essays

The Reasons for Hiring a Ghostwriter

Students are aware that buying essays is wrong. However, they create rationalizations for their actions to ease their internal moral struggle. In this case, this situation is limited by the extent of anonymity that the user can secure, the overall impact of their cheating on other parties, and institutional conditions regarding cheating detection. Also, the decision to hire a ghostwriter is a complicated decision. Basically, it is reliant on an individual’s propensity for risk. In turn, all students are always willing to pay for essay to save their time and efforts if there are no other options. On the other hand, environmental parameters and risk aversion tendencies curtail their willingness to buy cheap essays.

The Roots of Cheating

The personality of students may be a primary distinguishing factor for the engagement in using the essay writing help despite the presence of ‘ideal’ circumstances, which may warrant cheating. For example, intrinsic motivation for studying reduces the risk of engaging in buying essays. In this case, honest students’ beliefs concerning the value of education and the education system are crucial factors. In this case, such an attitude influences the probability of purchasing academic papers. Hence, people with extrinsic motivation for schooling consider study as a means to an end and do not buy cheap essays.

Other Features

Some people can readily buy cheap essays because they do not assign education any value as an element in their upbringing. For instance, intrinsic motivation is associated with the perceptions of students regarding cheating. Basically, if no value in education is evident to an individual, it is plausible that the effects of cheating are meaningless. Therefore, intrinsic motivation to study does not allow people to naturally buy academic papers despite the risk of failing after hefty investment in their education.

Conclusion on Buy Cheap Essays

In conclusion, the students’ decision to present the work of ghostwriters to write essay for me as their own originates with the fear of failure but is motivated by other factors. Basically, the nature of the motivation for studying and their ethical standing concerning cheating result in two distinct groups: honest and dishonest students. In turn, there is a sophisticated group that consists of people who buy cheap essays and whose participation is less predictable. Also, the risk of failure after struggling with substantial schooling fees contributes to the dynamics of buying essays, although the relationship is not necessarily direct.