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Since colonial times, racial discrimination has been a common problem in the United States. During the colonial era, the Whites felt that they were superior to African Americans. Basically, the emancipation helped to reduce the levels of negative racial perception in the United States. However, the problem of racial prejudice in American society never came to an end. Also, the current movie reviews help to reveal cases of discrimination that continue to exist in the United States. In particular, the movies “Iron Grit” by Lajuan and “Sticks ‘n Stones the Daisy Myers Story” by Brown show that discrimination exists in the modern United States despite the presence of democracy.

Racial Discrimination in the Film “Iron Grit”

The film by Lajuan reveals the presence of racial discrimination among political leaders. For instance, an African American city official views for a legislative seat (Lajuan, 2019). Basically, the official challenges the Manhattan political culture and vies as the first African American mayor. In this case, the official expects to win in the election as he hopes to experience low levels of racial discrimination. Also, racial unrest follows the announcement that the African America city official will vie for a political office by considering current movie reviews.

Current movie reviews

Racial Prejudice

From a critical point of view, the film reveals the existence of racial prejudice in a democratic country. Besides, the film shows that Whites hold a negative perception of African Americans, covering current movie reviews. For example, the racial unrest reached a peak when a White police officer shoots an unarmed African American girl (Lajuan, 2019). In this case, the event reveals the resentment among the Whites due to the intention of the African American official to vie for a political seat. Thus, the “Iron Grit” reminds the Americans that racial discrimination exists in the democratic United States.

Review in Brown’s Movie

The film by Brown focuses on racial discrimination in the modern United States discussed in current movie reviews. For instance, Bill and Myers face excessive discrimination when they move to Levittown (Brown, 2019). Basically, the African American couple experiences racial harassments. In this case, the couple tries to settle in an area with White residents. Ironically, Bill and Daisy Myers experience racial oppression despite the presence of housing discrimination laws (Brown, 2019). Also, Whites disregarded the existing laws that prohibited the issue of race.


The Whites oppress the African American couple based on their color. For instance, the efforts by Bill and Myers to secure their fundamental rights seem unfruitful (Brown, 2019). Also, the court of law does not protect African Americans from racial oppression by the Whites. From a critical point of view and current movie reviews, the film is analogous of modern times where Americans still hold radicalized perceptions. Thus, this film depicts the existence of racial discrimination in the democratic United States.

Conclusion on the Current Movie Reviews

In conclusion, modern American films and current movie reviews focus on racial discrimination. Basically, two movies show that discrimination exists in American society. Also, these films portray cases where the law failed to protect the victims of unfair attitude. In this academic review, Blacks suffer due to racial oppression despite the presence of democracy. Thus, the current movie reviews are analogous of the racial discrimination that affects the modern American community.


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