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Essay on Topic

Students at schools, colleges, and universities get their assignments to write the essay on topic. Although these tasks are important in academic writing, teachers limit their students in the sense of creativity. In fact, the essay on topic has its rules that students must follow. Hence, they limit their thinking when writing their essays. However, freewriting is the assignment that solves this issue. It is because this type develops and shapes the minds of learners when they cover what they want. Therefore, by comparing the essay on topic with freewriting, the last type of assignment is more beneficial for students because of positive outcomes for their thinking.

The Difference Between Essay on Topic and Free Writing

Writing helps composers to express their ideas. For example, teachers give essay topics to students to cover specific themes in their works. In this case, the essay on topic compels writers to focus on specific thoughts. Alternatively, free writing gives people the freedom to generate ideas and connect concepts. The essay about writer allows a person to create narratives on preferred essay topics for college or any other educational institute. Hence, a comparison between the two types of compositions reveals that free writing promotes creativity.

Essay on topic

Limitations of Essay on Topic

The essay on topic causes a huge influence on the creativity levels among writers. In the essay on topic, teachers provide composers with the ideas to write. A writer has to create a compelling narrative from the topic issued. Besides, the topic might not be attractive to the composer. For example, providing a topic to writers may limit their freedom to think. Unfortunately, a composer may fail to follow some writing strategies on a specific topic. Moreover, a teacher may issue a question that is hard for a composer to understand. Hence, it denies authors the freedom to choose fictional events to create stories. Along these lines, it limits the writer’s abilities to select favorite themes. In turn, predetermined and hard topics discourage a writer from relying on imagination. Therefore, the essay on topic does not develop the ability of a composer to utilize originality during writing.

Advantages of Free Writing

Freewriting encourages composers to use their creativity by generating ideas and connecting them to their experiences. For instance, free writing requires composers to brainstorm to identify a unique topic. Through brainstorming, a writer can identify multiple and unique concepts by using different writing styles. Besides, brainstorming enhances the organization of ideas. In this case, freewriting allows learners to start with a pre-writing activity where they generate ideas compared to the essay on topic. A composer creates a story without heeding to fundamental rules. Moreover, pre-writing enable writers to develop diverse storylines. Along these lines, brainstorming and prewriting assist in planning and organizing ideas in chronological order. Therefore, free writing serves composers or writers to explore unique ideas and plan their work before preparing the final essay.


In conclusion, the essay on topic is different from free writing. Basically, the essay on topic requires a composer to write on a predetermined theme. This type of essay limits the writers’ creativity level. Besides, the decided topic may be hard for the writer to understand. A selected topic has a narrow scope, which may limit the creativity level of a composer. Conversely, free writing helps a composer to brainstorm while searching for unique ideas. For instance, people may consider what is a memoir or writing tips to improve their writing skills or ask friends to write my essay or use the essay writing service. Furthermore, prewriting enables a composer to identify new ideas and arrange them in chronological order. Thus, freewriting is different from the essay on topic since it enhances the creativity level of the composer. In turn, everyone may pay in order to do my essay. Do not forget to check the example paper of the essay on abortion.