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The quality of an essay paper determines the grades that a student gets at the end of a semester. Basically, only excellent essays have a score of high grades. In this case, students follow an acceptable structure that includes an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Moreover, the organization of ideas determines the overall quality. Hence, lecturers look for unique content and formal presentation of information when marking essay papers. In particular, an excellent essay contains a balanced structure, an organization that enhances the flow of ideas, compelling content, and follows an academic format.  

Balanced Structure

Successful students ensure that their essay papers have a proper structure. For instance, people include the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion in their works. Basically, the opening and closing paragraphs carry approximately twenty percent of the entire essay paper. In turn, the body paragraphs include at most eighty percent of the whole text. Therefore, outstanding learners ensure that their essays have a well-adjusted structure.

Essay paper

Organization in Essay Papers

Excellent essays have an organization that covers the flow of ideas. For instance, the work must have an informative title. In this case, the appropriate heading should be concise and clear. Also, readers need to know the essay’s focus from the heading. Basically, the student includes a thesis statement in the opening paragraph. For instance, the thesis provides a summary of the core points in the essay paper. In turn, the central claim sets the focus of the work. Hence, one should use the body sections to expound on the thesis statement. Besides, each paragraph focuses on an idea that supports the central assertion. As a result, the learner provides substantial evidence and explanation to support the idea. Moreover, every section contains a transitioning statement that enhances the flow of information. Thus, outstanding essay papers have a good organization of what people try to write.


Exceptional essays contain verifiable content. For example, the student must include substantial evidence to support assertions. In this case, the learner obtains information from credible sources. Also, only current sources contain reliable information. Further on, the scholar uses real-life examples to make the assertions unique and convincing. Therefore, the unique essay paper relies on quality evidence.

Academic Format

Outstanding essay papers follow an academic format. For example, the student uses a third-person language. Basically, every academic writing avoids first- and second-person pronouns. In this case, the learner disregards vague statements. On the other hand, the essay paper is based on passive voice. Primarily, the subject performs the action signified by the verb. Hence, the used sentences turn out to be clear and reasonable. Also, contractions and abbreviations are not acceptable in academic writing. In turn, the scholar writes words in full to ensure that they make sense to the audience. Moreover, shortened words make the work sound informal. Therefore, exceptional work maintains a formal tone.

Conclusion on Essay Paper

In conclusion, an excellent essay paper contains a well-organized structure. Basically, the body paragraphs make the most significant proportion of the work. Then, the organization of the paper must be organized correctly. In this case, the thesis statement determines the scope of the paper. Moreover, body sections contain verifiable content that supports the central claim. In turn, the learner draws evidence from credible and current scholarly sources. Further on, real-life examples make the paper unique and convincing. On the other hand, the outstanding composition must meet the requirements of the academic style. In this case, the student uses the passive voice and avoids abbreviations and contractions.

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