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Students at various levels of education seek out writing services to complete their essay assignments. Basically, such writing services are provided by experienced writers that specialize in academic essay writing for particular disciplines. In this case, the hiring of the essay writer is beneficial because it assists students in coping with the pressure of higher education and fear of failure, provides a substitute for students’ weak authorial identities, enables students with competing priorities to survive the demanding education system, and extends writers’ high proficiency in English and impeccable writing skills to students.

The Pressure of Higher Education

Essay writers assist students in coping with the pressure of higher education. For instance, students in higher education institutions are always under the threat of failure due to elevated academic writing standards. Basically, both local and international students are exposed to this pressure. In consequence, people may find relief by securing the services of the essay writer that can meet these standards. Also, they prefer to have some level of assurance that their papers met the minimum standards of university-level writing.

Essay writer

Fear of Failure

Besides academic pressure, international students are subjected to additional pressure because of extrinsic factors. For instance, these causes are the high expectations from their families, the financial burden of the sponsor, and the desire to secure a competitive advantage by acquiring academic qualifications from foreign colleges. In this case, the extrinsic motivation factors for having the essay writer are a plausible explanation for the assumptions concerning the excessive use of the essay writing service among international students. Also, students may use writing services to reduce the pressure of higher education. In turn, there is a high probability of failure if the students write submit their essays.

Authorial Identity and Essay Writer

A student with a weak authorial identity is likely to have the essay writer. For example, authorial identity refers to the ability of an author to develop their voice in an essay while critically evaluating source material and making a novel contribution to the discourse. In this case, a weak authorial identity may result in numerous incidences of unintentional plagiarism. Basically, people are unable to distinguish their contributions from those of other scholars despite the writers’ best efforts. In turn, a significant portion of university students was unfamiliar with the concept of authorial identity. Also, it implies that no efforts had been made to nurture their authorial identity.

The Professionalism of Writers

Surprisingly, most students do not consider themselves as writers. However, they approach essay assignments with the underlying motivation of completing coursework. In this case, once students have attempted their first essays and faced disciplinary action for unintentional plagiarism, the idea of hiring the essay writer becomes more viable. Also, people with a weak authorial identity or none at all can benefit from writing services. Basically, it is because professional writers have a well-developed authorial identity. Moreover, they easily avoid unintentional plagiarism. In turn, such a situation safeguards the chances of completing their programs.

Working Students and Essay Writers

Working students may benefit from having the essay writer. Basically, they have to balance competing priorities without any leniency from the educational institutions. For example, there is a consistent increase in the percentage of employed students and the total number of working hours based on various studies carried out on American campuses. In this case, the students’ employment has become a critical factor in the American education system, although institutions have made little effort to accommodate these changes. Also, part-time employment with no more than 11 hours a week may not affect student performance. Hence, working provides students with the motivation to complete their studies and join the workforce environment where they enjoy engaging in productive activities.

Getting Benefits

In turn, working may not affect performance, but this is not necessarily true because students work an average of 30 hours each week. Then, most students that engage in either part-time or full-time employment will perform poorly in their courses. In this case, this situation increases the probability of failure. Thus, students that are unable to sustain both their work responsibilities and coursework commitments may benefit from employing essay writers to provide quality essays within the prescribed deadlines.

The Knowledge of English and Writing Skills

Low proficiency in the English language may be overcome through the use of writing services. For example, English as a Second Language (ESL) students can use the services of the essay writer to secure passing grades. Basically, there is much research demonstrating the association between writing in a second language and poor performance in university programs. In this case, International students typically struggle to write academic essays. Also, it is because of deficiencies in English grammar and mechanical aspects of essay writing. On the other hand, the challenge of low proficiency in the English language may not have a significant effect on Native English speakers. However, poor academic writing skills affect both ESL and native students in varying extents.

Writing Skills

Students with poor academic skills are unable to plan the essay writing process properly, maintain ideal sentence, paragraph, and essay structure, and accurately evaluate their essay. Basically, this situation harms the quality of the final essay draft submitted for marking. Also, essays are a form of assessment for all students in a university. In this case, it implies that students do not have adequate time to develop their writing skills as a measure of academic performance. Consequently, students are forced to hire an essay writer with high proficiency in English and above-average academic writing skills to meet the standards of academic writing at the higher education level.

Conclusion on Essay Writer

Students that face various challenges in writing their essays stand to benefit from writing services. Firstly, the essay writer takes on the burden of essay writing. In this case, it reduces the overall pressure of higher education while eliminating the fear of failure through assurances of high-quality essays. Secondly, students can take advantage of the authorial identity of essay writers. Hence, people ensure that they are not exposed to the risk of committing unintentional plagiarism. Thirdly, working students can keep up with their coursework despite the scarcity of time to dedicate to essay writing tasks. Finally, essay writers offer relief to students with low proficiency in English and poor academic writing skills. Thus, this term paper writing service may play a crucial role in the successful completion of university programs in contemporary society.