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Coursework at the college involves multiple essay writing assignments. Basically, students are not always able to finish an essay assignment. Also, they may choose to allow an essay writer for money to do the assignment. In this case, the high-quality customized essays have made their purchase very common among college students.


Ghostwriting is not a new practice in the academic community. For Instance, the act of students paying other individuals to write essays for a predetermined payment is a traditional form of cheating that has been modified by technological advancements. Before the advent of the Internet, ghostwriting was carried out at the local level where an essay writer for money would complete assignments for other students in class at a cost. Currently, ghostwriting has moved to online platforms that connect a student to a ghostwriter. Also, the concept of ghostwriting has become commercialized with the establishment of some companies. Basically, they employ ghostwriters and create a Chinese wall that assures users of anonymity. An online essay writing service has become a booming business in the changing academic landscape. Thus, ghostwriting has taken on a business model, which has professionalized the practice that was typically done at the classroom level.

Essay writer for money

Benefits of Essay Writers for Money

Essays acquired from ghostwriters may prove useful under particular circumstances. For example, essay writing services are helpful in cases where the student has weak academic writing skills. Basically, the transition from high school to university-level writing is challenging due to the high writing standards set by institutions. In this case, students can benefit from the ghostwriting services while they improve their academic writing skills. Then, purchased essays tend to be of superior quality and quickly achieve passing grades. Also, it is crucial in the grade-driven approach to education. In turn, students may rely on ghostwriting services to acquire good essay grades in challenging courses because they cannot risk failing. Moreover, an essay writer for money is well-versed on plagiarism avoidance, which is advantageous because of the stiff penalties of unintentional plagiarism. Hence, educational institutions do not tolerate instances of unintentional plagiarism, for example, patchwriting.

Other Features

The risk of harsh penalization forces students to contract ghostwriters because writing essays their essays may result in plagiarism. In this case, the use of essay writing services has become a common practice in contemporary society. For instance, multiple studies have provided some evidence that the use of ghostwriters among college students has increased significantly. Then, there is a high prevalence of essay purchasing at the college level. Also, it may be partly attributed to the widespread Internet accessibility. Besides, the rate of essay purchasing is higher than the findings of most studies because of the low likelihood of self-reporting among students. In turn, the collection of data concerning the use of an essay writer for money among students is undermined by the risk of being tagged a cheater. Hence, significant students at the college academic level may be open to the concept of ghostwriting.

Conclusion on Essay Writer for Money

The use of an essay writer for money is a viable alternative for self-written essay when a student has strenuous circumstances. Basically, the purchasing of custom written essays is not a new type of academic cheating despite becoming a severe issue in recent times. Hence, ghostwriting services are helpful to some extent. In turn, student’s susceptibility to the lure of ghostwriting services explains the booming essay writing business.

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