Help Me Write My Essay

Everyone heard “help me write my essay” at least one time. It is because not all people know how to write good papers. Although writing essays requires a lot of time, patience, energy, information, and skills, some people face many challenges in organizing their essays. As a result, they ask for advice from their friends by using a simple phrase, “please, help me write my essay.” Unfortunately, not all of them get what they ask. Basically, it must be the advice from friends because people trust him or her. Therefore, do not hesitate to help your friends to shape their knowledge and skills in writing when they need advice and ask about it.

Asking an Advice In Writing an Essay

Help me write my essay

First Step:

Friend: I have a problem with writing an essay. May you help me write my essay, please?

Me: No problem, I will guide you on how to write an excellent essay.

Friend: I will be gland. What is your first step in writing a good essay?

Me: You have to identify a good topic to write. 

Friend: What if I have been given some essay topics?

Me: You have to define your topic and research it….

Friend: That sounds interesting!

Me: Yes. Do not simply ask to help me write my essay. Basically, you must gather enough and relevant information on your essay on topic. In this way, you identify essential ideas to write. You should use the Internet and the academic database available in the library.

Friend: I can now see where I usually go wrong. What is the next step?

Second Step:

Me: After gathering the required information, you have to analyze the arguments of the essay. Besides, you have to define claims, write out reasons, and organize evidence.

Friend: I see!

Me: Brainstorm by asking yourself many questions concerning the topic. Answer them to give the essay your insight. Besides, when you asked “help me write my essay,” it was an easy way to get what you need.

Friend: Okay!

Me: Pick the best idea and make a clear assertion that you can write the entire essay around. The claim becomes the thesis statement of the essay.

Friend: I know nothing about a thesis statement!

Me: The thesis statement is the main point of the essay, summed up in a brief sentence. It answers what and why questions about your essay.

Friend: Is that all?

Last Word:

Me: All body paragraphs should expound on the thesis statement. In this case, every paragraph should have one idea. Finally, the conclusion should restate the thesis and sum up all the thoughts.

Friend: Firstly, I did not think that you could help me write my essay. However, you shared important information with me. Hence, I will write my essay! Thank you!

Benefits When You Ask “Help Me Write My Essay”

The process was beneficial to my friend because he learned how to make a good thesis statement. He just asked me “help me write my essay” to improve his knowledge in writing. For instance, he did not have prior knowledge of the meaning and purpose of the thesis statement. Through the dialogue, he learned that a thesis statement must sum up the ideas presented in the essay. Besides, a good thesis statement should inform the audience about the meaning and purpose of the article. Thus, the dialogue was useful in expounding on the significance and use of the thesis statement.

Information on Writing an Essay

The dialogue helped my friend to identify the areas to obtain the information required to write a good essay. For example, he did not consider the Internet and the library as potential areas to gather relevant information about the essay. In this case, I suggested the library and the Internet as good sources of reliable information. Thus, the dialogue enlightened my friend on ways to gather the required information.

The Role of the Conclusion Part

The dialogue in the case of helping my friend write an essay ended my friend to reflect on the purpose of a conclusion in an essay. For example, it was clear that a good essay must have an end. Hence, the conclusion sums up all the ideas covered in the essay. Besides, the conclusion part should restate the thesis statement. Thus, the dialogue clarified the significance of a conclusion in an essay to my friend.   

Conclusion on Help Me Write My Essay

If someone asks me “please, help me write my essay,” I am always here for you and your friends. In my case, the dialogue also helped me to reflect on the essay writing process. For instance, I forgot about the thesis statement and its significance in an essay. As a result, the dialogue reminded me that a good essay must have a unique thesis statement. Besides, all body paragraphs must support the thesis statement. Therefore, the conversation helped me to reflect on the qualities of a good essay. Also, people may buy college essay to save their lives.