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People end most essays by using a set of closing statements. In this case, they present such sentences in the final paragraph of the essay. Basically, an effective conclusion is an essential element of an essay. Also, it reiterates the logical association of the thesis statement and body paragraphs. In turn, people need to learn how to write essay conclusion to organize good papers. Hence, the process of writing a conclusion depends on the author’s knowledge of practical strategies and possible pitfalls.


An author may choose to write essay by developing an echo of the introduction to follow the rules of how to write essay conclusion. For example, this technique allows the author to critically assess the approach used in the introductory paragraph. Also, it creates a complementary approach to the conclusion. In this case, the author should ensure that the introduction is not repeated in the concluding paragraph despite the apparent link. Besides, this strategy requires the author to demonstrate the relationship between the complementary approach and the thesis statement.

How to write essay conclusion

Developing a Vivid Description

A conclusion may be developed from the vivid description of an image by considering how to write essay conclusion. For instance, this strategy is most effective when a summary of the central theme precedes the image description that mirrors the author’s message. In turn, the effect of the image description is to create an analogy that allows the audience to reflect on the essay’s main theme. Hence, authors should use this technique carefully because an error in the selection of the image can easily confuse the audience.

Summing Points

The most common strategy employed in academic essays is the presentation of a summary of the body paragraphs. Basically, a conclusion that summarises the main arguments of a paper is well suited for situations where the essay is longer than three pages. Also, the creation of emphasis in a lengthy essay typically forces the author to provide an overview of the main arguments. In this case, if people are familiar with the requirements of how to write essay conclusion, they remind the audience of their contribution to the primary claim. Hence, a call for action or reflection may accompany a summary.

Pitfalls in Writing Essay Conclusion

If people do not know how to write essay conclusion, there are mistakes that authors ought to avoid. Firstly, the author should not introduce a new perspective that was not discussed in the body paragraphs. In this case, the introduction of new information does not signal the author’s intent of closing the essay. Instead, it leaves the impression that the essay is incomplete. Secondly, the conclusion must depict a reasonable generalization constrained by the nature of the evidence discussed in the essay. Also, sweeping generalizations may cause the audience to question the validity of the author’s central claim and the selected evidence. Finally, the writer must not include an apology in the concluding paragraph. Besides, an apology casts doubt on the entire essay because it suggests that the author has no confidence in the final draft. Hence, these flaws diminish the effectiveness of a conclusion.

Summing Up on How to Write Essay Conclusion

The development of an effective conclusion is facilitated by the author’s knowledge of the best practices. Basically, learning how to write essay conclusion includes multiple strategies that an author can use in concluding an essay. Moreover, the authors must be cautious of plausible drawbacks that undermine the efficacy of the conclusion. Thus, writing a good conclusion is a challenging task that requires much practice.

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