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Modern Language Association (MLA) provides guidelines to create a page with references cited in an academic paper. It is because people need to cite evidence properly and avoid plagiarism cases. Basically, in order to meet these requirements, people mention all used sources at the end of the paper. As a rule, the Works Cited page appears at the end of academic work. In particular, the MLA Works Cited page example provides guidelines to format books, periodicals, electronic sources, and other familiar sources like films.


MLA provides guidelines to include books in the works cited. For example, one must provide the necessary information, like author, title, and publication date by considering MLA Works Cited page example. In this case, a writer should use commas after the author’s names, the city, and the publisher. Besides, a person should use periods after the author’s names and year of publication. In turn, the book’s title should be formatted in italics, not within quotation marks.

MLA works cited page example

Periodicals on the MLA Works Cited Page Example

Periodicals include journal articles, magazines, and newspapers. As a rule, the title of a periodical should appear within quotation marks and should be formatted in title case. Then, the name of the periodical must be in italics and in title case. The entry of a journal on the MLA Works Cited page example should have other relevant details like volume and issue number, pagination, and Digital Object Identifier (DIO). Writers should use commas to separate these details. Besides, one should use phrases “vol.,” “no.,” and “pp.,” followed by a period to denote the volume, issue number, and pagination of periodical respectively. In turn, a period should follow the author’s names, the title of the journal, and DIO.

Electronic Sources

Electronic sources include websites that contain credible information. The title of an electronic source in the MLA Works Cited page example should be in italics, following a capital case. In this case, a period should follow the author’s name and the title. Besides, it should follow the year of publication. Moreover, when citing a website MLA, writers include the link to an electronic source. Along these lines, one should place the link after the publication date. However, a writer should not include “https://www” before the link to the source.

Other Common Sources

The MLA citation provides guidelines to cite sources like films and songs. As a rule, the title of a movie or a song should appear with quotation marks and in title case. A writer should include the name of the site containing the film and a valid link. In this case, the name of the website should be in italics on the MLA Works Cited page example. Periods should follow the names of the author and the title of a film. Besides, a writer must include a period after the link to the film. Commas should follow the name of the site containing the film and the year of production. Moreover, a comma should separate the names of the author.

Conclusion on MLA Works Cited Page Example

The MLA format citation requires every paper to follow the rules of MLA Works Cited page example. Basically, the page contains full bibliographic information of the cited sources. As a rule, the titles of all sources should be in title case. In turn, titles of books and electronic sources should be in italics. Besides, titles of films and periodicals should appear in quotation marks. As a result, students must provide valid links to journals, electronic sources, and movies.

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