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Academic writing is one of the most activities in contemporary society. Basically, the process of writing essays involves the provision of a prompt to a ghostwriter. In this case, the person develops a custom paper for learning purposes. However, universities are trying to cope with the growing scale of writing services. In turn, it is because students at various levels of education have easy access to such services. Based on the universities and students’ perspectives, the moral standing of using the essay writing service in the academic sphere differs even though there are potential benefits of ghost-writing services. In particular, if people have my essay writer, the help with writing manifests in the form of getting positive grades and plagiarism-free works.

Universities’ Perspective

All universities consider engagement in buying essays to be academic dishonesty. For instance, the essay writing service for college is typically classified as a form of plagiarism. Basically, it is because of the holistic approach used in responding to such an activity. In turn, the act of having my essay writer is not a form of plagiarism in the strict sense. Also, pseudepigraphy is a more accurate label for writing help. For example, it describes the act of misattribution, which is not equivalent to the failure to recognize the original author of the source material. In this case, students who buy essay may not have committed plagiarism. Nonetheless, buying essays is still a type of academic dishonesty. As a result, it is not a proper practice within the academic community.

My essay writer

Moral Standing of Having My Essay Writer

University professors are responsible to identify contract cheaters, which has proven to be a challenging task. For instance, custom essays usually have low scores on text-matching software used in various colleges that make detection through software checks nearly impossible. In this case, getting help with academic papers and using my essay writer can remain unnoticed if an institution depends on text-matching software optimized to identify the more classical forms of plagiarism. Consequently, professors are the last resort in the identification of plagiarized academic papers.

The Features of Plagiarism Checkers

Blind markers have a low probability of recognizing purchased custom essays, especially when students take precautions to avoid detection. Hence, professors are quite susceptible to the writing techniques used by people who use the services of my essay writer. Conversely, some markers have a relatively high likelihood (62%) of detecting purchased essays with a true specificity rate of 90% when tasked to detect plagiarized papers. However, there is inconclusive evidence concerning the ability of markers to identify purchased essays. In turn, the inconsistency noted may be a consequence of the evaluator’s knowledge that a paper had been purchased. Moreover, the mentality of the marker influences the probability of detecting plagiarized papers. Despite the doubt in the effectiveness of marker detection, instructors are urged to be vigilant during essay grading, which supports universities’ zero tolerance for contract cheating.

Students’ Perspective

The judgment on the correctness of using my essay writer is not definitive from the student’s point of view. For example, three classes of students that hold different perceptions on contract cheating: honest, partially dishonest, and dishonest. In this case, the concept of pure lie aversion is readily apparent in honest and dishonest students. Also, partially dishonest students depict a complex manifestation of situational ethics, which allows them to employ neutralization techniques. In turn, situational ethics complicates the moral assessment of using writing assistance. However, it is evident that people are aware of the implicit social norms concerning cheating regardless of its form. Hence, the rationalization of buying essays does not indemnify students because cheating is the wrong action when judged from a simplistic perspective that upholds the principles of social behavior.

Benefits of Using My Essay Writer

Students can acquire higher grades through the use of my essay writer. For example, most of the essays evaluated during their study received passing grades. On the other hand, a smaller portion of papers received high grades from a set of markers. Basically, this finding has dire implications because it suggests that merely labeling purchased essays as low-quality papers may not be accurate in all instances of contract cheating. Additionally, people can improve the quality of the initially purchased essay through a personal critical examination of the work and the unlimited revisions provided by peers or writers. According to this cooperative approach to using essay writing services, people who buy an essay online may be able to achieve high grades. Therefore, high grades or at least passing grades are a guarantee for students that have learned techniques to improve the quality of custom purchased essays.

Passing the Plagiarism Software Tests

Moreover, customized essays often pass the plagiarism software tests carried out by educational institutions. For instance, most students have limited their understanding of academic integrity to the concept of plagiarism. Also, they do not appreciate or recognize the more substantial principles of academic integrity. In this case, avoiding plagiarism in essays is a survival tactic because people are cautious of the harm that plagiarism accusations may cause to their academic life. Moreover, a plausible reason for students who has my essay writer and lack software-detectable plagiarism is the inability of an institution to provide irrefutable evidence of contract cheating despite a professor’s suspicions. Hence, purchasing college essays is much more difficult to punish in comparison to classic plagiarism. Also, it makes educational institutes consider this situation as a real threat. Asa result, customers can evade classical plagiarism through purchased essays.

Conclusion on My Essay Writer

Universities and students do not share a similar consensus regarding having my essay writer. Basically, educational institutions have a zero-tolerance for cheating founded on the rules of academic integrity. Nevertheless, they have not made any significant progress in establishing detection mechanisms. Then, there are varying opinions among students concerning the use of ghost-writing services. In turn, it arises from the unpredictable interaction of personality traits and situational ethics. Despite the controversy over the correctness of engaging in buying essays, there is evidence that students may benefit from this practice. In this case, professional writers ensure that customers evade the consequences of classical plagiarism. Unfortunately, such a situation can occur due to underdeveloped academic writing skills. Also, people may receive passing or higher grades if they know the techniques of exploiting ghost-writers’ skills to improve the original draft.