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High school graduates engage in the writing of personal statements to secure university positions. Basically, medical schools require a customized personal statement that reflects the level of interest for admission, learning, and future practice. In this case, the writing process and content of a personal statement for med school focuses on the three major sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.

An Introduction of a Personal Statement

People design a personal statement’s introductory segment to capture the attention of the audience. For instance, a well-crafted introduction makes the admission tutor have an interest in reading the remainder of the essay paper because of its uniqueness. In this case, the application for medical schools is highly competitive. Also, admission tutors take the time to actively read a personal statement for med school that is peculiar, authentic, and interesting. Mostly, the introductory paragraph contains a personal story or individual justification for the interest in a medical career. In turn, admission tutors have to clearly understand the underlying reasons for the desire to practice medicine. However, the justification provided should not be cliché. Thus, the introduction captures the admission tutors’ attention and explains the source of motivation to become a medical practitioner.

Personal statement med school

Body Paragraphs of Med School Personal Statements

The body section of a personal statement for med school carries a significant portion of the information that the admissions tutor is interested in knowing. Firstly, this section outlines the reasons for a preference to study at a particular university. In this case, teaching approaches and education packages vary across medical schools. Secondly, applicants must provide some evidence of a real commitment to medicine. Mainly, the person displays some knowledge of current advancements in the field of medicine. In turn, the applicant mentions activities that show an effort to participate in healthcare provision or research actively. Finally, the content of the body proves that people have a deep understanding of the medical school’s expectations and the overarching responsibilities of practicing medicine. Thus, priority is given to details that are most relevant to medical practice due to the word count limitation.


The conclusion is an equally important segment. For example, people conclude a personal statement for med school with an emphasis on the specific core values in the social and academic spheres that make the applicant a perfect candidate. Also, the concluding paragraph acts as a reassurance of the applicant’s capability to complete the medical training. In turn, it contributes to society using acquired skills. Then, caution should be taken while drafting a conclusion to ensure that no new themes are introduced into the personal statement. Besides, applicants create the content of a conclusion to tie together the themes that have been discussed in the body. Thus, conclusions can easily influence the efficacy of a personal statement for med school.

Summing Up on Personal Statement for Med School

A personal statement for med school requires a captivating introduction, heavily detailed body paragraphs, and sensational closing remarks. Basically, applicants must select critical information and use the correct language and the general perspective of medicine. In this case, it allows them to present the ideal identity for a medical student and the potential to be exceptional practitioners. Moreover, a personal essay may conform to the traditional essay structure. However, the author maintains much freedom concerning the internal organization of the individual segments.

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