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Proposal Writing

Proposal writing skills are essential to one’s academic or career success. Basically, a proposal is a blueprint of a research or a project. In this case, good proposals help to convince the audience that a specific topic is worth researching. Hence, a good proposal must have an abstract, a strong introduction, convincing arguments that support the project, practical procedures or methods required for collecting data, and the expected findings.  


Proposal writing starts with an abstract that provides an executive summary of the research study. For instance, the abstract informs the intended audience on the purpose of the study. Basically, a reader should understand the purpose of the research proposal and the methods to accomplish the objectives from the abstract. In this case, this section should communicate the specific goals and significance of the study. For example, convincing abstracts state the practical benefits of the research. Hence, a reader should identify the strength of the study before reading the entire proposal. Besides, the abstract should communicate the hope to achieve the objectives of the study. Thus, the useful abstract gives an overview of the research proposal clearly and convincingly.

Proposal writing

Introduction in the Proposal Writing

The second part of the proposal writing is the introduction that describes the study. For instance, the introductory paragraph must communicate the primary purpose of the study. In this case, this element of the research paper must state the problem that the study seeks to address. Besides, it should have the research questions and objectives. In turn, the introduction should be detailed than the abstract. Thus, a good proposal should have a comprehensive introduction that informs the reader about the research problem.

Proposal Writing and Literature Review

A good proposal should have supporting arguments. For instance, people must focus on addressing a knowledge gap when they write research paper. In this case, a proposal should have a literature review that identifies and validates the knowledge gap. Besides, the literature review shows that a scholar bases his or her arguments on current literature. Thus, a good proposal writing must have an intensive literature review to validate the purpose of the research.


An active proposal must discuss the methods that will help to gather relevant data for the study. For instance, the method section contains detailed and precise steps to complete the study. In this case, this element of the proposal writing must discuss the standards and procedures to gather and analyze data in details. Besides, the methods presented should be valid and acceptable for academic use. Thus, the method section must reveal the steps to collect and scrutinize data.

Expected Results

The last section of the proposal writing contains the expected results. For instance, a scholar must state what he or she hopes to find at the end of the study. In this case, expected findings reveal whether the research will solve the underlying problems. Also, these thoughts must relate to the research objectives. Therefore, a good proposal should inform the audience about the possible solutions.

Conclusion on Proposal Writing

In conclusion, a good research proposal must inform the target audience about the purpose of the research. In this case, proposal writing should have a clear abstract and a substantial introduction that identify the research problems and specific objectives. Besides, the proposal paper should have practical procedures and methods intended for use in the project. In turn, other notable sections include convincing argument supported by current and relevant literature and the expected findings. Also, people may use the college paper writing service to orders academic works.