I have to warn you that this sample paper will be different from the one you might expect even though it has an introduction with hook and thesis, body (including methods, results, and discussion), and conclusion with recommendations and limitations (hook). Academic writing requires a lot of time and effort to create a work that might correspond to instructions given by the professor, teacher, tutor, instructor, or others. On this matter, people are usually looking for the best possible way to fulfill all requirement and use all material that is available for them to create the valid peace that will get an A grade. The majority of writing begins with typing from scratch, adding charts, tables, graphs, pictures, diagrams, and other illustrations to make the work look attractive. Some people also paraphrase existing literature and cite their sources (to avoid plagiarism). However, such performance also has to follow specific instructions strictly, and that is the problem in the majority of cases. Therefore, people have to look for help on the Internet while some might consider face-to-face guidance (thesis).


As an example of complex tasks that people might struggle with, I have made a list of more than 275 words (about one page double-spaced or 0.5 single) that I had to include in this essay. These are random words that the customer (you) might google to find the best help on the Internet. As you could guess, the task was created by me to show you how complex instructions can be handled easily and timely. The length of this paper had to be 8-10 pages (about one sentence per 1-3 words that you might type in the Google Bar) and, believe it or not, I have completed this task in less than an hour to prove the point. On the other hand, it is important to review all parts of the writing process in details for you to make the right choice when you try to find a person to help you with your academic problems and avoid them in future.


To begin with, I will clarify why people seek help online and why it might be beneficial for them to work only with random people like me. Anonymity is one of the most cherished traits that the customer values when it comes to their educational challenges. On the other side, peers and friends might not have required knowledge or time to complete the paper within the deadline and follow all guidelines. That is the point when freelance websites come in handy, but sometimes big freelance companies treat customers unfairly because their writing system is a huge machine that does not value personality, character, preferences, style, and other things that the customer has on his or her mind because that makes them unique in the eyes of the teacher in their performance. In other words, nothing matters for the machine that will find hundreds of new customers, writers, and other personnel to complete more and more papers, as fatal as it sounds. But such things matter for me and I understand that each person has to be treated as the first and the last customer in my life so that I have to show the best I can each time while such commitment has to remain the same over the years.

1) Effective Communication

As was mentioned previously, personal communication before starting doing the paper is a must. Few examples of the importance of personal communication include the absorption of writing style that can be used during the creation of the paper, clarification of small details that can make the difference between the good and excellent performance, and it also impact the level of trust as well as understanding of our work at the end of our cooperation. Moreover, the ongoing discussion might solve the problem of misunderstanding, save time, inspire better performance if people are nice to each other, promote timely delivery (as soon as it is possible), and even save money for the client. For example, a person needs an urgent or even immediate help while he or she cannot complete it now or within nearest hours or days because of any reasons. At this point, students might try to find another person who will be able to assist while he or she understands that such issue cannot be solved in ordinary ways (for example, complete it later). Therefore, freelancers might be helpful if the person is ready to spend some cash. Hence, some advanced writers might seek for the customers who can pay for bonuses, can provide tips, or thank the writer, by choosing him or her as the preferred writer for the next order. However, these advanced writers do not help regular customers and seek for the university, Masters or Ph.D. students who want to get their degree at all costs because these orders are the most expensive, compared to cheap high school or college level papers. On the other side of the issue, the best writers are also fast typers so that they can handle any orders on time while their time management skills are perfect. As a result, customers might not get the best writer for their work without paying for special service, sending direct requests, preorder on the website to get the best prices or writers due to the long deadline of the order while obtaining the best professional might not mean that he or she is ready to work on time. Therefore, the poor writing skill of the majority of writers and the lack of time might become a problem for the customer because they will not get the desired final draft. While all the transactions were completed and the purchase appeared to be reasonable, it is still a problem that the customer does not have the work they paid for. When the problem is with one-paged order — it might not be critical because they did not pay a lot for it. However, when it comes to research papers, for example, analytical essays, discussion posts, responses, question-answer, proposals, literature analysis, coursework, term paper, or speech it might become a problem due to its length. At this point, freelance websites advise you to order later, change deadline, pay bonuses, donate more money, or change instructions so that low skilled writers can get the work done or advanced ones will be more motivated to work with you. Unfortunately, the time was lost so that you will be charged more for the new order with a shorter deadline while there will not be enough time to clarify instructions if needed so that the quality of the work will be the lowest and such cooperation will not be cost-efficient for the customer.

2) Me and Other Writing Services

Nevertheless, when it comes to the selection of the person or the organization that can help with argumentative, classification, admission essays, dissertation chapters, ethical analysis (ethos, pathos, logos, and others), lab report, article review, and other papers that require a skilled professional to complete the task perfectly, the customer has to consider the education level and professional skills of the writer. Unfortunately, that is the worst part of it all. I have worked as a freelance writer for ages, and I have also cooperated with many writers personally so that it became clear to me — the majority of writers just cannot create a professional final draft because they are not proficient in the discipline that they have studied in the university. As a result, they learned only how to write easy papers for the living without providing any insights for their customers. The reason why I had more returned customers than anyone else is that I was proficient in each discipline, topic, subject, format, or any other instruction’s part while others do not pay attention to “small things” and do not know their disciplines in depth. For example, we all know that Human Resources Management (HRM), Ethics, Political science, Management, Physics, Anthropology, Leadership, Technology, Public Administration, Women’s and gender studies, and many other disciplines require the in-depth understanding of the subject, operation with complex terminology, and the knowledge of background laws and rules that explain specific events in Science. Unfortunately, less than 1% of “professional writers” know anything about it. They usually just paraphrase articles they find on the internet without an understanding of their correlation and do not provide transitions between them just because they do not know how to do that after all.

3) Problem of Writing Services

On the other side, many people might take orders without a complete understanding of processes involved in work. For example, some might start writing a lab report without an understanding of physics, thinking that observations and description of impressions are the way to go in such assignments. Additionally, the majority of freelancers try to write orders in Psychology, English 101 or 102, Education, Communication, Sociology, Philosophy, Literature, Art, Music, Family and Consumer Science, History, and even in Marketing because it is harder to detect unprofessional writer there due to the least number of professional language involvement in the assignment creation. Therefore, customers have to know that their future writer knows everything about their subjects and has the needed education to get an A on this assignment, especially when it comes to subjects like Engineering, Nursing, Math, Business, Economy, Geography, and other, potentially, well-paid majors. Unfortunately, only a few of freelancers have a degree required for the task to be completed perfectly.


Customer’s Needs — My Target 

Talking about the need of the perfect grade, it is obvious that customers might work so that they do not have time to complete their assignments and their current job soaks all their time and energy so that there is nothing left for boring writing of argumentative, descriptive, comparison, deductive, definition, exploratory, narrative, persuasive, cause-effect, scholarship, creative, personal, expository, evaluation, admission, or other types of essays. Moreover, as the professional writer, I also understand that some activities might not also be cost-effective. For example, for some writers, orders in Film and Theater studies discipline take too much time, compared to others because you have to watch a movie before writing the paper while you could read couple articles and write more pages, instead. The same works with customers — you might be lucky to have a well-paid job so that education might be just another way to expand your scope of disciplines while trivial assignments in some classes might not be exciting and will take too much time. Hence, this time could be used in a better way so that you could do your typical work and earn more than you would pay for the essay to be written or you might value your free time more and pay for it. Some Power Point presentation or even some flow charts’ creation in Microsoft Word might take hours of your time so that you might not have enough sleep while it matters a lot for you to stay productive the next day at work, for example. Therefore, ordering to write a composition, critique, plan, thesis, report, statement, capstone project, cover letter, resume, grant essay, critical thinking blog, qualitative or quantitative research, review, summary, reflection, memo, post, chapter, annotated bibliography, autobiography or any other custom works that include even chapter of your books that are handled by ghostwriting services might be a good option for you to save time and energy and earn more, paying little. Hence, considering the position that the one holds, it might not be exciting to learn things that do not correlate with the one’s profession.

Me, Customer, and Instructor

Furthermore, another factor that influences the one’s decision to order an essay is specific problems with language. Many international students might struggle to overcome native speakers in the class or during the selection process when they apply for a specific vacancy. Failure will destroy their dreams and mismatch parents’ expectations, which is not acceptable. Therefore, first year students usually use additional help to prepare for further education, learn the language, and overcome the transition to the second year easily. The graduation is the only acceptable achievement, and the advice is always the same for all newcomers — find a help ASAP. There will be a lot of editing, proofreading, major and minor revisions with each essay and it is better to find a professional assistance somewhere so that you will see all mistakes and people will help you to learn the language more efficiently while such knowledge will benefit you in the long run. It is worthless to say that even a month of such cooperation will change the one’s perception of language and enhance the one’s skills.

100% Plagiarism Free and A+ quality

Finally, the transition from high school to college, for example, might result in additional problems regarding the use of outside sources. As a fact, plagiarism is prohibited and might result in suspension so that it is important to provide a reference page with an in-text citation in each sentence that used some ideas from other journals, articles, books, and other credible scholarly sources. Such problem appears because prompts at higher education facilities require formal writing in the majority of cases, while informal writing dominates school’s curriculum. Hence, few people understand such rules while it is important to cite the information not only at the end of each paragraph but at the end of each sentence that had to deal with outside data. As a result, it is better to consult professional writers to make sure that the paper is 100% plagiarism free and learn how to do the same by yourself in the future or find writers who will deliver unique papers on time when needed.

Conclusion with Recommendations and Limitations

To summarize the issue, it should be mentioned that there are hundreds of reasons to search for academic writers, but you need to be careful and find the one that has the required competence and skills to create the best paper for you. You also have to make sure that this person understands everything about MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, AMA, IEEE, and other formats to avoid plagiarism while they also have to prove that they are proficient in your discipline. Hence, companies who offer “free” revisions, pages, and other work operate only with unskilled labor so that they will waste only your time and money. Therefore, feel free to contact me anytime so that your work will be completed on time, all instructions will be followed, and the quality of the order will be outstanding.