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Most academic papers require a specific claim. In this case, the sample thesis statement is one of the most critical aspects of the essay’s structure. The last sentence of the introduction provides a roadmap to the whole paper. Therefore, the thesis statements determine the structure. However, for different essays, there are problems with understanding the thesis statement and purpose statement. The main claim shows the topic, the position of the author, and the reasons.

The Main Features of a Thesis Statement

The sample thesis statement is the sentence that covers the main idea in a text in a manner. Basically, this claim helps the reader to have a clear picture of the paper. Also, it makes a claim that directly answers the question, showing the writer’s position on the issue. Then, this element of the essay structure is commonly at the end of the introductory paragraph of a paper. In turn, the rest of the essay gathers and organizes evidence that persuades the reader on the logic of the author’s interpretation.

Sample thesis statement

Types of Thesis Statements

Three types of thesis statements include argumentative, analytical, and expository. Firstly, the expository sample thesis statement lists the key aspects of the topic to be discussed. In turn, the argumentative thesis statement states the reasons for taking the position. Also, an analytical thesis states the conclusion reached after analysis. Hence, these different types of thesis statements correspond with the different types of papers and works to reinforce the purpose of the specific kind of college essay.

Good and Bad Thesis Sentences

There are good and bad thesis statements. For instance, a good sample of the thesis statement should be specific and take a position. Wrong thesis statements lack these qualities. Basically, stating that “European travel is an excellent way to spend the summer,” is not specific enough. In turn, the author fails to identify why traveling is excellent. Hence, the sample thesis statement should focus on the topic and specify areas of European travel that support the claim. On the other hand, a thesis sentence such as “Solo European travel requires independence, which, in the end, bolsters personal confidence” is specific enough. In this case, the essay can research solo travel through Europe and the positive effects on personal confidence. Thus, the sample thesis statement shows the position of the author and the reasons.

Thesis Statement vs. Purpose Statement

Moreover, a purpose statement is different from a sample thesis statement. Basically, the goal of the purpose sentence is to announce the purpose and the general scope of the essay. Unlike the thesis statement, the purpose statement does not provide conclusions made in the paper by the author. In this case, it is usually in the introduction paragraph. Besides, a dissertation commonly uses a purpose statement. Hence, purpose statements make a promise to the reader about the development of the argument while a thesis statements preview particular conclusions by the author.


In conclusion, the sample thesis statement expresses the main idea in a text in a way that helps the reader to have a clear picture of the paper. Basically, this claim should contain the overlook of the entire topic, be short but informative. Also, it should summarize points that are about to be made in the essay and supported by specific evidence. Thus, writing a good thesis statement is an important skill to learn.

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