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When people get assignments and do not know what is APA format, they begin to seek additional information on it. Besides, not all students know about the key features of the APA style. In particular, the referencing style passed important historical changes through the development of the format. In this case, if someone wants to know what is APA format, this article can help in understanding the main aspects of the writing style through the history, its development, and features that people must follow.

General Information

The American Psychological Association (APA) is one of the main paper formats in the world. Basically, if someone wants to know what is APA format, then it is a manual for referencing sources. Over time, the guide continues to become more detailed. In this case, a good understanding of the format requires some knowledge of its origin and the main noticeable features.

What is apa format

History of APA Formatting Style

The APA reference format covers quick advancement in psychological research. In particular, the idea of a standard referencing style may have originated from a dispute between James Cattel and Edward Titchener concerning the limiting effects of orthographical revisions. Firstly, Cattel had begun to impose on research publications. In turn, Titchener believed that the editorial standards were interfering with the presentation of research findings. In this case, the need for a uniform referencing style for psychological results became evident when research in the field began yielding much information. Then, the rapid advancement in research resulted in many publications. However, it made difficult for scholars to keep up with new knowledge of what is APA format. Consequently, it became a necessity to establish a system to control psychological publications while easing the process of tracking findings.

APA Format Development

Large numbers of research publications resulted in the development of a manual to guide scholars. For example, the first APA manual was drafted in the 1920s. In this case, the manual assisted the APA style to establish some consistency in the high volume of research papers. As a result, the current manual is in its sixth edition. Also, it includes a detailed guide on what is APA format for research beyond the field of psychology.

Key Features in APA Format

Some easily distinguishable aspect of the APA guidelines is the uniquely formatted title page. For instance, the title page is composed of the paper’s title, name of the authors, and the name of the institution that the authors are affiliated with during publication. Basically, these aspects are the essential details that allow the audience to identify a paper. Moreover, people center the details on the first page’s top half, a few lines from the top of the page. Additionally, the first page has a running head. It appears in the header in the form, “Running head: TITLE OF THE PAPER.” The header in the subsequent papers only contains the title of the paper. In turn, students should not alter the appearance of the first page.

Other Aspects

Also, the main body of the essay and the reference page have distinct features by answering the question of what is APA format. In particular, the body of the essay contains APA citation that conforms to the author-date format. Moreover, there are additional rules for APA citation format that address various scenarios, like citing a website APA. In this case, an author may experience it when citing various materials. Then, the APA reference page is the final significant section of a paper. People always use the title, “References.” They center the title on a new page with no additional styling.

Conclusion on What Is APA Format

People began to use the APA referencing style in academic authorship for a relatively long time. The title page, reference page, and in-text citations are prominent features by considering the question of what is APA format. As a result, comprehending the circumstances surrounding the inception of the APA style enables modern scholars to conceptualize the role that it plays in research. Also, see how to cite in APA format and APA headings.

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