Write My Essay For Me

Many students face a lot of challenges when writing essays. Basically, they do not know from what point to start because of the lack of specific knowledge or experience. However, they can ask “write my essay for me” from their friends or hire writing services. In this case, people not only solve their writing issues but also learn new directives in this field. On the other hand, the dialogue in this article covers a situation when someone asks write my essay for me while a friend supports it.


Write my essay for me


Friend: Hello, could you write my essay for me?

Me: Hello too. No problem, I will!

Friend: I have a problem in developing a thesis statement and writing body paragraphs.

Me: I see. It is not possible to write a good essay without a compelling thesis statement and relevant paragraphs.  

Friend: That is true. It is the main reason why I fear writing the essay because I might end up with poor grades.

Me: You are right. If you do not mind, I can guide you in developing an effective thesis sentence and body paragraphs before you ask me to write my essay for me.

Thesis Statement in the Essay

Friend: Sure, I will be happy to learn so that I can handle the essay on my own if possible.

Me: Firstly, a thesis statement focuses your ideas into one sentence.

Friend: That means that I have to understand the topic and identify the relevant ideas.

Me: Yes, that is true.

Friend: What should a strong thesis contain or you can write my essay for me without it?

Me: Well, a strong thesis should reveal your position about the topic. Besides, a strong claim should be a debatable statement.

Friend: Where should I place the thesis?

Me: That is a good question. Your thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction.

Write My Body Paragraphs in the Essay for Me

Friend: That is clear now. What about a body paragraph?

Me: A body paragraph should start with a claim related to the thesis statement. In this case, the second sentence should present evidence that supports the claim statement. Besides, you should provide an accurate explanation. In turn, the last sentence should link one paragraph to the other.

Friend: That sounds simple.

Me: Before I forget, all body paragraphs should relate to the main statement.

Good Manners

Friend: Thank you for your guidance on my issue to write my essay for me.

Me: You are welcome

Benefits of Asking to Help to Write My Essay for Me

My colleague benefitted by learning how to develop a thesis statement by asking to write my essay for me. Initially, the person did not have an idea of how the individual could develop a good thesis sentence. Also, the dialogue helped the person realize that a good thesis states the main points that he must explore in the essay. Besides, the student learned that a compelling thesis statement should be debatable. For example, my friend appreciated that the individual must understand the topic first before generating ideas to write. In this case, the process of developing a good thesis must begin with relevant research on the subject. Besides, one should identify the strong points and then develops them into an arguable statement that reveals the author’s position on the topic. Thus, my friend gained by learning the steps that the person must follow when developing a thesis statement.

Learning the Main Features of Body Paragraphs

My friend gained by learning how to develop relevant body paragraphs. For example, the person learned that each body paragraph must relate to the thesis statement when asked to write my essay for me. Along these lines, each section should have a topic statement, supporting evidence, explanation, and a transition. Basically, the structure ensures that the paragraph communicates relevant ideas and relates to the thesis statement. Thus, my friend understood the process of developing appropriate body paragraphs.

Conclusion on the Situation when Someone Asks to Write My Essay for Me

From the dialogue, I realized that many students write poor essays due to ignorance of the basic structure. For example, I realized that most students do not know the relationship between a thesis statement and body paragraphs. Along these lines, they fail to communicate their stand on the essay topic and are not interested to ask friends who know academic writing to help to write my essay for me. Besides, the poor understanding of the essay structure discourages students from using substantial evidence to support their points of view. Thus, the dialogue helped me to understand why students fail to write good essays.