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Essay writing is a mandatory task at the college level. Basically, people consider it as a difficult task because they do not know the main guidelines of writing college essays. In this case, the development of a high-quality essay requires students to remember five primary concepts of academic writing: comprehending the essay prompt, avoiding plagiarism, paragraph structure, essay structure, and use of academic language.

General Considerations of Writing

Before writing any college essay, the student must read and understand the essay prompt. For example, teachers provide instructions while students must determine the purpose and audience. Basically, these aspects are two critical elements because they aid the student to choose an ideal approach to write an essay. In this case, writing college essays has two purposes: explanation and argument. For instance, explanatory essays involve descriptive and analytical writing to demonstrate a clear understanding of a topic. In turn, people write argumentative essays toward convincing the audience of the superiority of a particular line of thought. Mostly, it is assumed that the audience is educated on the subject. However, some assignments may dictate the audience. Thus, the audience’s ability to understand an essay pivots on their level of knowledge on the topic of the essay.

Writing college essays


The author must adjust various aspects of the essay to accommodate the knowledge. For instance, successful writing college essays are dependent on a student’s understanding of academic writing and its implications. In this case, people must avoid any forms of plagiarism, maintaining academic integrity. Basically, plagiarism in essay writing may either occur deliberately or carelessly. Also, the circumstances of occurrence are not relevant because there is a zero-tolerance of plagiarism in the academic community. In turn, there are documentation styles that may be used to evade plagiarism, for example, the Modern Language Association style. Besides, instructors clarify the style for the paper at the beginning of a course or mention it in the instructions. As a result, students must cite all sources used in their essays.

Structure of College Essays

Any paragraph in writing college essays is coherent and exists as an independent element. For example, the structure of a paragraph contains three main elements: topic sentence, supporting statements, and concluding or transition sentence. Basically, these three elements ensure that a paragraph focuses on a single issue introduced in the topic sentence. In this case, digression should be avoided to ensure that readers can follow the individual ideas and relate them to the main argument of the paper. Also, college essays have a relatively rigid structure, which has three main segments: introduction, body, and conclusion. As a result, adhering to this college essay structure assists the author in developing an effective essay regardless of its purpose.

Essay Format

The introduction captures the readers’ attention, identifies the topic, and specifies the specific aspects to be discussed, and provides the thesis statement. Basically, people use this section as one paragraph long. However, it may be extended in longer forms of writing college essays. Then, students have the responsibility to organize the body of the paper in a manner that facilitates the logical and sequential presentation of ideas. In this case, the body discusses the main argument. Also, they link each paragraph to the thesis statement. Finally, the conclusion signals the end of the college essay and consists of the author’s final remarks on the topic. Besides, there is no standard format for a conclusion. In turn, the author should not repeat the introduction, introduce new material or broad generalizations, and cast doubt on the argument.


Writing college essays requires the student to be aware of the features of academic language. Firstly, it is formal, but the level of formality may vary. In this case, the audience dictates the level of formality in the college essay. Secondly, academic format conforms to standard grammar and punctuation rules. For instance, the college essay should not contain grammar errors and other mistakes, such as punctuation errors and flawed usage of phrases. Finally, people must write the text in the third person. Also, this form of writing allows the findings to speak for themselves. Thus, college essays require students to master the use of academic language.

Conclusion on Writing College Essays

Some guidelines may simplify the process of writing college essays. Basically, students must internalize the essay prompt before beginning the writing process. During the research process, clear documentation is compulsory to avoid plagiarism in the final draft. In this case, the college essay must conform to the primary paragraph and essay structures. Moreover, writers must adopt the main principles of academic language. Thus, writing college essays is a skill that can be developed with continued practice of the highlighted concepts. Also, people can get help if they need someone to write my essay for me.

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