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There are various aspects of confidentiality that concern customers all around the world. It is clear that many individuals are trying to make sure that the use of services that might affect their wellbeing has to be kept in secret in the majority of times. However, when someone decided to buy essay, it is clear that one has to acknowledge the commitment and make sure that the essay writing service of choice is a reliable and legit source of the required essay writing help service. Therefore, it is important to review the Confidentiality Policy to understand how Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Public Offer, Guarantees, and Terms and Conditions affect the further cooperation between the client and wr1ter.com website and how wr1ter.com guarantees anonymity and confidentiality to all users.

Personal Information

Customers are required not to share personal information with third parties that might affect their wellbeing. As a fact, wr1ter.com cannot guarantee full security of the information shared. Consequently, a customer might also be exposed to unauthorized access to their information. Such incidents annihilate the possibility to track when and where the information was lost. However, wr1ter.com will try to keep the information you share in secret. Wr1ter.com will not share it with anyone else unless wr1ter.com finds that important or necessary to do. Hence, the customer may always stop using the services provided on the website. Additionally, the customer can prevent any information to be shared and put under risk. Also, for more information on how Confidentiality Policy influences cooperation, see Privacy Policy, Services Agreement, and Terms and Conditions pages.

Public Access

Never use the website in public places where the information can be easily accessed, stolen, shared, or seen. In the majority of places, public spaces provide free access to the web while the activity of the user is easily tracked and used without their consent as well as without their acknowledgment of what will be done with the information. For that reason, under Confidentiality Policy, wr1ter.com can never 100% guarantee that all data transfers will be safe as wr1ter.com does not take responsibility for other services and you must deal with them on your own risk.

Institutional Libraries

It is important to understand that every library is a public place where the activity of all students is also in public access to prevent harmful actions. As a result, such places might reveal the information about the student’s use of services like wr1ter.com and the reputation of the customer can be damaged. Also, make sure you always deal with wr1ter.com when it is safe to say that your decision to buy essay will not cost you more than you already paid.


Wr1ter.com will never intentionally harm the client as it contradicts healthy cooperation that will benefit both parties. Therefore, if there will be an identity breach on the side of the customer, one should never think that wr1ter.com did that intentionally. However, it is also important to mention that wr1ter.com never takes responsibility for any of such problems. Also, wr1ter.com guarantees to protect the information as far as it is possible or beneficial while legal forces, technical issues, or other reasons might affect such commitment in the opposite way.


Wr1ter.com is a legit, official, and certified website that guarantees that all the financial information provided to pay for essay is encrypted and encoded to protect the confidentiality of each customer. The Confidentiality Policy guarantees it when it is possible to do so. Additionally, the payment process depends on the support of the partners, such as Stripe, that guarantee further assistance for the customers and will do their best to prevent any fraud or possible problems with the technical side of the issue. Confidentiality Policy of Stripe or any other payment service used at wr1ter.com might differ, and wr1ter.com is not responsible for any contradictions as well as the escalation of their Confidentiality Policy.

Free Services

Wr1ter.com provides free content for the clients of the website, posting specific examples, guides, and samples on the website. Also, the purpose of this is to supply customers with the best service possible. However, when one visits such pages, statistical data about the page views and further behavior of the client might be tracked by Google, providing me with statistical analysis under Confidentiality Policy. Such information used can be considered as private, but wr1ter.com can use it in any way needed as it is not personified and fully anonymous.

Confirmation of Cooperation

By using the services provided on wr1ter.com, any customer fully acknowledges all the rules described on this page and other pages, including but not limited to Privacy Policy, Services Agreement, and Terms and Conditions pages, and agrees with every word. Even if the customer uses free content, the one acknowledges of risks and benefits of doing so and uses wr1ter.com under the informed consent.