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It is obvious that people want evidence that wr1ter.com provides quality when it comes to serious academic papers. In particular, some customers frequently ask questions (see FAQ) on how to write different types of papers, follow essay structure, adhere to existing rules on academic paper formats, write academic thesis and dissertation, writing examples, and others assignments. Therefore, it is a must to provide paper examples for customers to see that everything is covered, understood, and under control. Hence, the experience is not everything when it comes to writing skills, and essay examples are presented for those who wonder or want to get some writing tips.

Types of Papers

Research Paper

In the majority of cases, students need to write a research paper that utilizes sources to analyze a topic. While such essays require a lot of research, perfect structure and formatting, and mistake-free writing, all of these will be covered and delivered to you in the best shape.

Literature Review

Literature review requires an in-depth understanding of the subject and reading a lot of articles. If you are looking for a service to write it for you – wr1ter.com is the best one existing.

Research Proposal

Research proposals are required in many educational facilities to outline the most important feature of the topic to research in the future. Therefore, it is important to create the research proposal that will be easy to use for your study since it will explain every step of future investigations. Hence, you are one step away from getting a research proposal, customized exclusively for you.

Admission Essay

When students apply to a different educational facility, they need the best admission essay possible to impress the committee and make sure that they approve them as candidatures. Hence, if the professional can help writing an admission essay, your chances will be much higher because you can get an education of your choice.

Response Essay

In the majority of classes, writing reflection is an important part of the development of critical thinking. However, the response has to utilize a lot of strategies that might be unknown to a student or might soak a lot of time. Therefore, sometimes people just need a little help with it to make sure they do not lose grades on it.

Article Review

Article review is one of the most popular types of papers because it ensures you read specific literature and learn something from it. While reading the whole article is required for such type of paper before starting an analysis, students might not have that much time while analysis usually requires additional research. Therefore, a professional essay writer might be the way out of such time-consuming tasks.

Article Summary

Article summary requires a close reading of every word of the article to make sure that all its points are further summarized in a concise and clear way, pointing out the most important issues raised by the author. Such work takes a lot of time because summaries can be different while saving your time is what wr1ter.com is designed for.

Rhetorical Analysis

The rhetorical analysis involves the in-depth analysis of the one’s performance and evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of rhetorical appeals, ethos, pathos, logos, kairos, and telos, being some of them. Rhetorical strategies include the understanding of the nature of persuasion and how it is done in the best possible form while the analysis of such situations must be conducted with the knowledge of what one is doing. Therefore, that is the place where rhetorical analysis writing help by wr1ter.com will be the best choice to make in order to earn the full credit for such assignments.


Applying for a job is a huge step, and everything has to be perfect. Some might also need a resume reference sample to successfully write a resume that can pass an employment reference check. Others might need resume example. Whatever you are writing, all your skills have to be mentioned, the format has to be eye-catching, writing has to be outstanding. That is where a writing help service can be handy as it maximizes chances of you getting the desired job by writing what you need in a way others will love it to see.


If you get the job of your dreams, it is important to keep the position at all costs. Whatever happens in the corporation, you will be required to write memo letters, especially if you hold a high position in the company. By considering the expected outcome of each letter, ordering writing memo help is always reasonable in serious situations when careers of people depend on papers written.

  • Literature Review
  • Research Proposal
  • Admission Essay
  • Response Essay
  • Article Review
  • Article Summary
  • Rhetorical Analysis
  • Resume
  • MEMO

Paper Formats


Considering that APA format is one of the most popular formats in the world, one has to know how to use it. As a fact, plagiarism is prohibited while providing references correctly is important to avoid it at any costs. Therefore, consulting additional literature available for you on this website or asking for academic help is a good idea when it comes to academic success.


MLA format relies on citations that acknowledge specific pages or even exact paragraphs of where the information is taken from. Unique features of MLA format works cited page, and in-text citations make this format popular among educational facilities of all levels because it grants the needed identification of resources and full acknowledgment of authors. Consequently, one must also know about possible ways to use footnotes in MLA format since some educational facilities require that too. Learning MLA format is of the same significance as learning APA because the majority of institutions require the knowledge of both of these formats while additional help with them might make the difference between getting a passing grade in class and failure to do it.


Harvard is usually mistakenly considered as close to APA, but it relies on different formatting of the title page and reference list. Hence, Harvard in-text citations are also different when compared to other formats, making the knowledge of these aspects important for any student. Therefore, Harvard Style Guide might be of importance for students of all levels to make sure Harvard citation is always done according to Harvard referencing format rules. That is why the educational content on Harvard that is available for free as well as further writing help can be found on this website as customers’ success comes first.


Chicago/Turabian bibliography format has very strict rules to follow while Chicago/Turabian paper format utilizes footnotes in the majority of cases. Chicago/Turabian Author-Date system is also a unique Chicago/Turabian writing style. Therefore, to make sure that everything is perfect, students might consult writing service to get the desired results.

  • MLA
  • Harvard
  • Chicago/Turabian

Essay Structure

While everyone is used to a typical five-paragraph essay structure, it is always more than that. When it comes to writing papers, students have to write an academic thesis, introduction, construct body paragraphs using evidence, citations, and proper analysis, and end up with a conclusion that restates the thesis statement. Additionally, there are various ways to construct body paragraphs since serious research papers may have methods, literature review, result, and discussion sections among others. Therefore, having a correct essay structure is critical when it comes to the difference between passing grade and A+ quality.

Paper Prices

Customer-friendly service has to be the best in any case. Therefore, wr1ter.com is the cheap essay writing service you are looking for with fixed and clear paper prices for any essay help you need.

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