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It is obvious that people want evidence that wr1ter.com provides quality when it comes to serious academic papers. In particular, some customers frequently ask questions (see FAQ) on how to write different types of papers, follow essay structure, adhere to existing rules on academic paper formats, write academic thesis and dissertation, writing examples, and others assignments. Therefore, it is a must to provide paper examples for customers to see that everything is covered, understood, and under control. Hence, the experience is not everything when it comes to writing skills, and essay examples are presented for those who wonder or want to get some writing tips.

Types of Papers

Research Paper

In the majority of cases, students need to write a research paper that utilizes sources to analyze a topic. While such essays require a lot of research, perfect structure and formatting, and mistake-free writing, all of these will be covered and delivered to you in the best shape.

Paper Formats


Considering that APA format is one of the most popular formats in the world, one has to know how to use it. As a fact, plagiarism is prohibited while providing references correctly is important to avoid it at any costs. Therefore, consulting additional literature available for you on this website or asking for academic help is a good idea when it comes to academic success.

Essay Structure

While everyone is used to a typical five-paragraph essay structure, it is always more than that. When it comes to writing papers, students have to write an academic thesis, introduction, construct body paragraphs using evidence, citations, and proper analysis, and end up with a conclusion that restates the thesis statement. Additionally, there are various ways to construct body paragraphs since serious research papers may have methods, literature review, result, and discussion sections among others. Therefore, having a correct essay structure is critical when it comes to the difference between passing grade and A+ quality.

Paper Prices

Customer-friendly service has to be the best in any case. Therefore, wr1ter.com is the cheap essay writing service you are looking for with fixed and clear paper prices for any essay help you need.

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  • University level of English
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$25/ page
  • Master's level of English
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  • Master's vocabulary
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$40/ page
  • Ph.D. level of English
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  • Ph.D. vocabulary

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A ghostwriter provides essential services to companies and individuals. In this case, the freelance writer helps to write content that matches the requirement of the client. However, companies that want to prepare some reports may not have the required expertise. Basically, they hire services from other people to develop the necessary reports. Hence, ghostwriters earn their living. In turn, they dedicate their efforts to prepare creative content based on the needs of the client. Unfortunately, through politics, some people consider ghostwriters as being unethical. On the other hand, such claims are not valid since freelancers earn a living from expertise services not available in various firms. Thus, ghostwriters cover valuable skills, which make it essential for people to learn about them.

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Personal Statement

Any personal statement starts with the consideration of the requirements and self-reflection. Because people want to achieve their goals, they need to find ways of how to get it. In this case, education is what helps young persons to find their paths. Basically, students need to write personal reflections to meet the criteria of the winner among others. Moreover, students use this document to sell themselves to educational institutes or job market because they need to develop themselves to achieve their goals. Therefore, everyone should know how to write a personal statement because this document is a weapon that people use to get what they want.

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Chicago Style Citation

This Chicago style citation covers main aspects of the format. Basically, students require guides on how to cite evidence in the Chicago format to avoid cases of plagiarism. Unfortunately, many websites that provide guides on the Chicago writing format include different details because authors do not follow the rules of the official source. However, the Chicago writing style differs from other formats because of the note-bibliography citation type. In this case, the Chicago format requires the use of footnotes as organizing in-text citations and bibliography entries as referencing the sources. Therefore, people need to know the rules of the Chicago style citation to write high-quality papers.

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