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It is obvious that people want evidence that wr1ter.com provides quality when it comes to serious academic papers. In particular, some customers frequently ask questions (see FAQ) on how to write different types of papers, follow essay structure, adhere to existing rules on academic paper formats, write academic thesis and dissertation, writing examples, and others assignments. Therefore, it is a must to provide paper examples for customers to see that everything is covered, understood, and under control. Hence, the experience is not everything when it comes to writing skills, and essay examples are presented for those who wonder or want to get some writing tips.

Types of Papers

Research Paper

In the majority of cases, students need to write a research paper that utilizes sources to analyze a topic. While such essays require a lot of research, perfect structure and formatting, and mistake-free writing, all of these will be covered and delivered to you in the best shape.

Paper Formats


Considering that APA format is one of the most popular formats in the world, one has to know how to use it. As a fact, plagiarism is prohibited while providing references correctly is important to avoid it at any costs. Therefore, consulting additional literature available for you on this website or asking for academic help is a good idea when it comes to academic success.

Essay Structure

While everyone is used to a typical five-paragraph essay structure, it is always more than that. When it comes to writing papers, students have to write an academic thesis, introduction, construct body paragraphs using evidence, citations, and proper analysis, and end up with a conclusion that restates the thesis statement. Additionally, there are various ways to construct body paragraphs since serious research papers may have methods, literature review, result, and discussion sections among others. Therefore, having a correct essay structure is critical when it comes to the difference between passing grade and A+ quality.

Paper Prices

Customer-friendly service has to be the best in any case. Therefore, wr1ter.com is the cheap essay writing service you are looking for with fixed and clear paper prices for any essay help you need.

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Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical devices are the tools that people use in their writings or speeches to share their arguments and get a valid response from their audience. From the times of Ancient Greece, many techniques were expanded after the main types of rhetorical devices, such as logos, ethos, pathos, and kairos, were developed. In particular, these persuasive modes define rhetoric as a subject and a field that people study to make their arguments more convincing. Moreover, scholars, officials, and public speakers in different fields use rhetorical techniques since they need to communicate with their audience. Thus, rhetorical devices are techniques that help people in different fields to share their arguments on specific situations or issues to be persuasive with their audience.

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Essay Topics for College

Although many students need to find essay topics for college, they may not have enough time to manage their schedules. In particular, students may face challenges in meeting deadlines and writing high-quality papers. Moreover, young scholars may not know what to write because college essay topics are different in comparison to high school themes. After all, in order to meet educational schedules and get A+ grades, students have to define appropriate essay topics for their academic levels. Thus, this article serves to help students and others to define their essay topics for college.

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Essay Topics Persuasive

In academic writing, essay topics persuasive can be themes that are used to convince people. Basically, essay topics must persuade people in a specific issue. In this case, such themes may describe different positions, but all of them has the one aim that is to prove a claim. For instance, if students want to prove that their position is right, they write papers by using arguments from different sides of the issue while they persuade readers that their claim is the best option to choose. However, students may not define their positions since they do not know what to argue. Therefore, students can consider essay topics persuasive provided in this article.

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