There are always Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) regarding the service when it comes to cooperation with a big number of clients. I found it helpful to create this FAQ page for the customers to be able to find on-point, quick answers to the most important inquiries.


First of all, go to the Request Form and fill out order instructions. Also, click the “Order” button and you will be referred to the summary of the order you placed with another button which is called “Pay.” Additionally, after clicking on such a button, you will be on the page that will ask you to purchase the product. Consequently, entering all the necessary information and making sure that the purchase goes through will be a process that guarantees that you have paid for the essay. Hence, further details on How It Works are available as further reading.
All paper prices are on the corresponding page. However, you can also contact me anytime if you have any further questions regarding payments.

No. Only payments with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay are accepted as they are supported by WayForPay. Hence, such partnerships increase the security of all payment transfers and prevent fraud. Also, such a strategy prevents any issues with payments. Therefore, only such options are accepted while any e-wallets, like PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, and others are not allowed due to their insecure nature.

Placing Order

The first step to order any work is to visit Request Form page. Also, filling out all the relevant fields of instructions means that you placed an order. However, choosing the type of work “Essay (Any Type),” for example, will mean that you will order exactly an essay. Hence, after paying for it, you will get your essays within the deadline.
Yes. It is one of the covered types of papers available for all customers. Visit the Request Form to order one.
Yes, you can attach the files to the Request Form in the field “Attach Files” that has a button called “Choose Files.” Further, after clicking on the button, you will browse your computer and choose all the files that you want to attach to the order. Also, you can attach multiple files, but make sure you organize your sources to prevent any uncertainty as you will be responsible for the outcome identified in Terms and Conditions.
Yes. There is a way for you to get the paper sooner than your ordered deadline. Also, you can pay the difference between the current and the desired deadline, and the work will be delivered earlier.
The shorted deadline available is 16 hours. Hence, there are no exceptions.
The longest deadline is 14 days. Hence, there are no exceptions.
No. Essays is just one of the various types of works available. However, to see the full list of types of works covered, see the Request Form, where you can select the Types of Papers your professor asked for by clicking the related field.
Yes, there is a field in the Request Form for ordering slides too. Choose the required number within the Request Form, and get the desired work on time.
The essay is in the process as soon as you pay while you will get the final product within the deadline.
By email. Also, when you fill out the Request Form, you are to mention your email where do you want me to send the completed order. Hence, you will receive the finished product on your email within the deadline.
Digital Sources mean that you will get the copies of the sources that were used in the paper. Also, for the detailed information check How It Works.
All subjects are covered. Also, by having vast experience in academic writing, dealing with essays in all fields for already more than 30000 of straight work, I can guarantee that you will get a perfect paper in any field of investigation.
Yes. If you want to unplagiarize your essay, make sure you check it with plagiarism checker and find out how much of the content is plagiarized and attach the report to the order to understand what has to be fixed for you. After this, choose the required type of service in the Request Form. Also, for 100% plagiarism within the essay, place an order, choosing “from scratch” type of service. Additionally, for up to 70% of plagiarism in your paper, choose the “Revision” type of service while for up to 40% of the work to be unplagiarized – choose the “Proofreading” option.
Those required by instructions, in the majority of cases. However, when there are no specifications regarding what sources to be used, I try to find relevant, credible articles. Also, if it is possible, I try to utilize scholarly sources in papers.
Yes. However, various types of English, like Canadian, Australian, and UK English are also covered, despite the US one.
The level of English, use of terms, writing style, the complexity of the task, overall use of vocabulary, and more.
No. The only way for you to send me instructions is by using the Request Form available for that reason. Also, no Instructions that you send via email or Twitter will be considered when writing the order. I will have all the rights to do whatever I think suits for the order to be completed according to the instructions that I have received with your paid Request Form.
No. Any minor mistake in such types of works might mean a waste of a lot of time while I value my time a lot to make sure that I can help as many people as possible, using it efficiently.
Place an order and get the required work within the deadline. Simple as that. However, check How It Works page for further information if you want a detailed explanation of all the processes.
First of all, you must provide all the required sources to complete the paper to prevent any complications. However, if you can use any sources that have to be credible, as it is part of your instructions, I can find them myself and will use them within the paper according to satisfy all instructions, following all the academic writing standards and formatting rules.
From scratch means that you will get the paper where 100% of the words will be written by me. Also, revision means that you provide your already written paper for me to make changes, add the text, correct something with up to 70% of the word count of the final version of the paper to be written by me. Consequently, the proofreading option is usually selected by those who want to check grammar, spelling or maybe correct some minor aspects of the paper as only up to 40% of the content of the final product will be written by me.

Competitive Advantage of Wr1ter.com

For example, wr1ter.com is the only academic writing help service with 100% Customers Satisfaction Rate Confirmed.
The difference between wr1ter.com and others is that all works are going through the same quality control – Alex Turner. Therefore, I guarantee each paper to be of the highest quality, without exceptions. Also, wr1ter.com is the only website with 100% Customers’ Satisfaction Rate. Additionally, wr1ter.com is the only service that guarantees the 100% delivery within the deadline if the order is in process. On the other hand, for more detailed information About Alex Turner (me), or how wr1ter.com maintains 100% Satisfaction Rate (Guarantees), check other pages available for you as well as navigate the website to find even more interesting information.
The Guarantees page identifies all the aspects the customer can rely on. However, to make it clear, wr1ter.com guarantees an A+ quality, but not a grade itself as grading might be subjective and might rely on teachers individually, as grading criteria might be subjective in many ways.
If you did not get an A grade, you should provide all the comments from your professor in response to the email where you received your work and clarify what can be done to improve your current or future works. In case the received writing sample suggested you something wrong, and it was my fault, you can always ask for a free revision. Also, check Terms and Conditions to understand how I maintain cooperation with clients. Additionally, check Guarantees to find out what you can expect from every paper.
No. Each paper is 100% unique and plagiarism-free.
There are a couple of options available. Firstly, you can always order the “Plagiarism Report” service to make sure that I am telling the truth that all works provided are unique. On the other hand, you can trust the service as 100% Customer’s Satisfaction Rate was achieved by wr1ter.com for a reason.
Yes. Anonymity is of the Guarantees available for you while your privacy is maintained according to Privacy Policy.
Yes. All payment information is encrypted and encoded to make sure that every transfer is safe and secure.
Yes, Money Back Guarantee is one of the many guarantees that the customer can rely on when using the services. However, one can check the whole list of Guarantees on the website.
To check any information about revision policies, the one should view Guarantees available for each customer and also read the Terms and Conditions page under which the cooperation is maintained.

Other General Questions

Yes. Hence, wr1ter.com is a legit service with 100% Customers Satisfaction Rate Confirmed.
No. Alex Turner represents the best academic writing service with 100% Customers Satisfaction Rate Confirmed. Hence, you should always read more about Alex Turner before deciding to cooperate.
To find a way to contact me, visit the Contact Alex Turner page to find the existing ways of communication. I am available 24/7.
There are reviews made by the customers available on the Customer Reviews page. Also, you can check my Twitter page to find latest feedbacks made by the customers. Hence, to find out what my Twitter page is, visit the Contacts page to find the relevant link.
I have a blog where I post some samples that I write in my free time. Hence, you can always check the relevant education content or place an order to get one of your own.
I do not share personal information because of security issues.
Wr1ter.com is a project that relies on different parties that help me to accomplish a goal of 100% Customer’s Satisfaction Rate. Also, considering that the WayForPay is one of my various partners in maintaining the service, it is impossible to state that I work alone without acknowledging those who help. However, I am the only person who sends you the final product.
Both you and I will have the copy of the paper stored on email. However, it will be used only for purposes identified by the customer. For example, the customer wants to clarify something after the paper is finished.
No. No discounts for anyone with no exceptions. Remember, paying fewer means you sacrifice quality, security, and more. Therefore, do not chase low prices.
You can ask me or wait because you will get your order within the deadline anyway.
No. If the order is already in process, no changes to the instructions are allowed as that will mean that my time will be wasted with zero return. Therefore, make sure you fill out the request form correctly while any changes that you want to make will require you to create a new order and pay for the extra work. Also, you may contact me to clarify such issues online in case of emergency.
No. Just go to the Request Form, fill it out, pay for it, and get the order within the deadline.
You can check my samples and other guides. Hence, the educational content is available on my website for free, for all, 24/7.
Yes. Confidentiality Policy is cherished on wr1ter.com while the cooperation is conducted under the Terms and Condition and Privacy Policies.
Contact me as soon as possible to correct it before I started writing the paper. Also, if I started working with it, contact me to find out how can you compensate my time or what do you have to do to solve the issue, including the deadline extension and more.
No. However, your bank or state may charge you additionally while wr1ter.com has no impact on such extra fees.
Check twice. That is basically impossible for you not to get your paper within the deadline. Therefore, make sure you looked well on your email, you entered the correct email in your request form, or contact me directly to solve the issue. Hence, if any technical difficulties affect such an issue, we will solve it together, and you will get the desired work as soon as it is possible.

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