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Why Wr1ter’s College Essay Service?

Our custom college essay writing service tailored to student’s needs include:

  • Unquestionable expertise in any field;
  • Timely delivery;
  • Readiness to support customers in all ways, even for future projects;
  • A+ Essays;
  • Anonymity;
  • Zero plagiarism index;
  • Can pass a Turnitin checker;
  • Legit college essay writing help;
  • Reliable support team that will help with any issue and will contact you in case your writer needs any clarifications;
  • Get what you pay for constantly;
  • Any payment is safe and protected.

How Can You Use Our College Essay Service in 4 Simple Steps?

  1. Click on any button that offers you to get your paper written or go directly to pay for essay;
  2. Fill out a request form. Do not forget to choose College 1-2 or 3-4 levels of education if you need an essay service;
  3. Attach or provide all instructions needed to complete your paper;
  4. Pay for service, verify your identity, and you are good to go. Everything else is on us, while we will contact you in case your essay writer needs any clarification on orders placed.

College 1-2 Vs. 3-4

1. College 1-2:

  • ‘1-2’ means first years of higher education;
  • Level of language and expertise targets community or freshmen students;
  • Simplicity of English;
  • In-depth disclosure of any topic only if requested directly, not to cause problems;
  • Some types of works, like research papers, will be manually written in a non-scholarly format (no methods section, for example) unless told otherwise.

2. College 3-4:

  • ‘3-4’ mostly means the complexity of education that is usually attributed to the last years in expectations since some complex projects might require a higher level of expertise from writers;
  • In-depth disclosure of the essay topic is a must in some papers;
  • English is more technical and advanced;
  • Texts can be written in a scholarly format that covers methods, results, discussion, limitations, and other sections upon request.

Remember that writing help service highly depends on instructions, while some professors might look for the level of knowledge they have even though you are just a student. We approach any case with a high level of responsibility and customer-friendly service, trying to provide the best results you deserve.

College Essay Help You Pay for Vs. Essay You Write Yourself

The majority of our customers are capable of writing essays themselves without using other services. However, some students might face obstacles that they might struggle to overcome. That is when they consider help using college essay writing services. However, there are other reasons why students buy college essays at Wr1ter, as it offers valid benefits over writing yourself:

1. Yours:

  • Tailored to class’s content attended;
  • Written as fast as possible;
  • Turned in last minute;
  • Does not go beyond class material;
  • Consumes a lot of free time;
  • Requires a lot of energy.

2. Ours:

  • Tailoring to class’s content, as writers can review all materials you received in class;
  • Proofreading essays many times to assure A+ quality of service;
  • Turning in to you within short and long deadlines, while you can review your final product without a rush before you submit it;
  • Going deeply into the subject because professionals, who wrote it, are masters in their field of investigation;
  • Are educational as you can learn new things out of those papers;
  • Customer-oriented as writers try to make sure that you like your college essay and consider it a masterpiece, coming back in the future and using Wr1ter’s custom essay service again;
  • Does not consume your time at all as writers help you.

Essay Assistance Vs. Non-Essay Assignment

1. Essay Service:

  • Paragraph structure maintained;
  • Academic writing expectations are met;
  • Sources are cited if used by essay writers;
  • College paper has an introduction, main body, and conclusion;
  • Thesis is the last sentence of introduction;
  • Any essay is formatted according to MLA 8, APA 7, Harvard, or Chicago referencing rules if it is not identified by customers or will be formatted in accordance with instructions provided to our expert writers.

2. Non-Essay Assignment:

Depending on customer instructions, we customize our writing service on college essay help to meet requirements in various ways, even at the cost of ignoring usual formatting and writing rules if needed:

  • Might not follow classic paragraph structure;
  • Aims to address whatever instructions any essay has even at the cost of academic writing standards if needed;
  • It is possible that sources are not cited by writers, even if used, depending on professor’s expectations;
  • Might not have an introduction, body, conclusion, thesis, and other attributes that are considered normal to make sure that instructions are met within the paid word count.
  • Can follow question-answer or report formats;
  • Some types of works, such as summaries, will not have conclusions, for example.

How Do We Maintain 100% Customers’ Satisfaction Rate?

1. Expertise:

  • All disciplines are covered;
  • Writers can write on any topic;
  • Students can attach as many readings and instructions files as they need, and writers will review them all, even if there are hundreds of them;
  • Thesis and dissertation writing services available.

2. Support:

  • Our college essay service is online 24/7, and you can start a Live Chat with support representatives anytime with words, like “write my essay” to get instant essay help;
  • We can guide customers on any inquiry;
  • We will notify all clients when their texts are done;
  • Our writing service is available whenever you come unless you need calculations or programming, or all writers are overwhelmed with our workload.

3. Perks:

  • Meeting all instructions is guaranteed, and writers can rewrite the whole work from scratch for free if they failed to address any instructions from the first attempt;
  • Frequent special deals for customers;
  • Anonymity;
  • Content is 100% unique with 0% plagiarism.

Customers Who Received Our College Essay Service Help

Some educational essay assignments that our professional writers handled for our customers came from:

  • Top US, UK, Canadian, and Australian colleges;
  • Junior schools;
  • Private educational institutions in some countries;
  • Community colleges;
  • Military colleges worldwide.

Hence, the list is not full as it is made based on statistics. Our service always improves and tries to deliver what is best for customers. Each day writers work with customers from top US, UK, Canadian, and Australian educational institutions, with the list of countries covered by our college essay writing service growing each day.