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What Countries Do We Cover?

Although many countries present non-English law materials, Wr1ter cannot help with such law essays based on their legal papers since writers will not understand them objectively. However, writers work only with any English-speaking state or country that can provide needed law documents in English. Mainly, our customers come from the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (Au), and Canada (Ca), but this list is not limited to these countries because we also successfully wrote legal papers for students from several European, Middle East, and Asian countries by this date.

Expertise at Wr1ter’s Law Essay Writing Service

Generally, there are two parties involved, called differently in various countries. Such parties may include accusation and defence or defense team, depending on a specific country. In Australia, the Commonwealth is playing the role of the accusation, while a court usually means a team of judges, clerks, court reporters, and bailiffs in the US, for example. Trials in these countries are usually similar in general and rely on evidence presented by both sides to rule their verdicts.

However, our writers do not stop on the understanding of the case in general but dig deep in everything the court hears when they type essays. For example, writers go through all papers of the legal proceeding regarding court interpreters, the plaintiff, witnesses, attorneys, jurors, claimants, and more. Various central documents, including a statement of defense, examination for discovery, and even previous Supreme court rulings, will be cited within essays if needed.

Types of Law Papers

Any law essay will follow the provided instructions. Instructions for research papers may refer to a specific examination of the background check of the accused, if available for the court, summary conviction, preliminary hearings, appears, remedy, liable parties, and factual evidence presented by the offense or accused. However, various cases might not be ruled in one way or another yet, and even a probable outcome, including charges within or beyond reasonable doubts, but writers can follow these instructions.

How Does Law Essay Writing Service Work?

When students come with requests like, “write my essay for me,” they have to fill out a request form, pay for their law essay, and verify their identity when payment is complete to make needed legal works done. In return, customers obtain:

  • Zero plagiarism law essay;
  • Full referenced writing;
  • Expert writers typing assignments;
  • Confidentiality;
  • High-quality writing beyond expectations;
  • Guaranteed ownership of papers;
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What Spheres Are Reviewed at Your Law Essay Service?

Any law, if official, is covered by our expert writers. Different examples include environments, corporate, labour or labor, family, civil, animal, criminal, international, federal, intellectual property laws, or any other legislation. Any case study or even law proposal papers can be done within stipulated deadlines. Even for popular public cases of OJ Simpson or Megan’s Law, for example, writers can review media coverage on cases and legal force response.

Do We Write on Sensitive Topics?

Sensitive topics usually include popular cases with wide exposure on media. Such instances cover cases around corporate ethics, same-sex marriages, discrimination, assaults, sexual harassment, cases involving minors, federal cases, clemency, pardons, and more. In such instances, our essay writing help service digs deep in the available literature and provides objective reasoning based on documents provided, keeping in mind different positions of the accusation, defense, and various departments involved.

If customers need to pick a specific side of the issue focusing on defending one side or another while writing different case briefs, presenting overwhelming evidence for one side is possible. Just buy essay online at Wr1ter to receive exactly what is needed since various legal cases involving corporations or means of national security are viewed differently, while many positions rely only on personal preferences, considering the amount of conspiracy or corruption involved.

All-Inclusive Law Essay Writing Services

Our custom essay writing service presents various criteria to alter to receive exactly what is needed. Make sure to attach all assignment instructions and legal documents, if needed, and sources will be reviewed and cited. When instructions are settled, we will provide the best writer to tackle writing tasks, while our 24/7 support service will contact customers if there are more questions on how to make law essays better.


Revision and editing services are available all the time. Students may also consider writing bigger projects by simply creating new orders, attaching previous drafts for writers to consider. Keep in mind, Wr1ter does not provide any legal advice since law essay writing services aim to help with educational essays, not affecting outcomes of any ongoing case reviews.