There is a reason why 100% of customers leave satisfied. The hard work and dedication maintain such a high percentage of perfection. Little problems appear in the final product sent to the end consumer. However, customers always want guarantees for the safety of their investments. Therefore, they want to know that they will get their work will be perfect in the end. As a result, guarantees that if the work is not perfect and that happened due to the mistakes of, the customer will receive a free revision with everything done to provide a perfect product in the end. So, still not sure? If the mistake was found to be of the fault of, the customer could get a full refund if failed to provide a perfect work within the given instructions and if the work has to be rewritten from scratch.

Guarantees on

The only outcome accepted here is that you will use further in the future and will advise your friends to do the same. Here is why:

  • Each order placed will be reviewed in the shortest possible term. You will be contacted in case of any clarifications are required;
  • You order will be in process as soon as you request it and pay for essay;
  • Each order goes through the same person each time – Alex Turner. That is the only way how all orders can be of the highest quality. That is why each order is perfect all the time. That is how maintains 100% of customers’ satisfaction rate.
  • All works provided will be 100% original. Each paper will go through the plagiarism checker, and the customer should not worry about any forms of plagiarism in their work.
  • All works will go through additional proofreading, and will check them with different programs to maintain grammar-free writing that will benefit customers.
  • covers all subjects and complexities. You may rest, and will get it done for you!

Variety of Services

Customers might have various needs when it comes to essay writing. Hence, services that satisfy their needs might be different, but there is no other service in the world that can guarantee 100% satisfaction with the outcome, except Being an anomaly in essay writing services industry, covers all disciplines, all complexities of orders, and everything you might have to deal with when it comes to academic performance. The customer must be responsible and provide correct and clear instructions. Not much, right? However, clear instructions are key to 100% satisfaction. Therefore, will complete the order perfectly if the customer knows what they want in the end.


Customers who are looking for the services where they can pay for thesis and dissertation try to make sure that their time that the final product will be in the best shape within the deadline. Therefore, even for such orders, provides a Money Back Guarantees with a 100% money back if could not complete the order. Hence, the same is true for any other order. However, any complexity of the order is undercover, and there will be nothing to worry about after all.

Guarantees Limits

As a fact, the guarantees cannot apply to all cases to prevent the abuse of them by the clients. Therefore, if the client makes any changes to the provided work, the paper will not apply for any revisions or refund. Also, 14 days since the submission of the paper to the client is the maximum time that one can access the free revision or refund. Additionally, if someone engages in any cases of such behavior and uses of the work prohibits it (for example, you asked another person to give comments on the work done for you particularly), the client cannot access any free revisions or refund too. Finally, if original instructions were misleading, unclear, or wrong, the client will never receive free revisions or refund. See more information on this topic on the Terms and Conditions page.

Money Back Guarantees guarantees that your work will be completed or the customer will get a refund. While paying upfront is a guarantee that the time and effort of comes with a monetary reward, customers can rely on 100% Money Back if could not complete the order. Also, technical issues with payments (for example, the customer paid for duplicate orders by mistake) will result in the refund of extra orders paid. Additionally, to see more on how handles various situations with any order, read Confidentiality Policy, Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions pages.

To apply for a refund, contact Alex Turner via email and state reasons why you need a refund after you have already paid for an order. Also, if the order is not in process or finished, you will get a refund. However, if the order is finished, the customer will be offered to apply for a free revision option if needed.

Cases of No Refund

  • The order was finished, and initial instructions were followed;
  • The customer did not adhere to the existing Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions.
  • If the order was approved or used;
  • If the customer asks for a refund when the order is already in process or finished (for example, the customer changed their mind or did not need an essay anymore).

The refunds are provided back on your balance under the Terms and Conditions displayed on the partners’ websites who deal with payments. is not responsible for any changes or issues with the policies of its partners.

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