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Digital sources mean that I will attach copies of all sources to the final work.

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Plagiarism Report means that you will get a report on your written paper to see that there is no plagiarism. So, you will get 2 files, such as your written paper in a doc format and plagiarism report on your paper in a pdf format.

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You may hear — perfection is in detail. Providing clear instructions means receiving high-quality essays in return. It does not cost customers anything more, while they just pay for essay writer professional help and are sure that the quality of essays will differ because all we do – we follow customers’ instructions strictly! Clients may provide as many details as possible, while we ensure that everything they include in academic essays will be there with no substitutions. Each word of original instructions counts, while the only way of obtaining positive customer experiences means providing transparent initial instructions/files. In turn, the writer will follow customers’ instructions/files perfectly, as always.

Pay for Essays FAQ

Our team understands that, sometimes, it might be confusing why different fields in our request form are needed. However, keep in mind that we simplified our request form as much as possible. Cutting any field will mean that we will not be able to provide perfect writing service. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about an essay by customers.

1. Why Do I Need to Provide Contacts?

By providing contacts, such as emails, our team ensures that clients are notified when tasks are done. Without contacts, we will be unable to contact customers for clarification on instructions/files or notifying them if their paid essays are already written. Keep in mind that our company does not share customers’ information with third parties.

2. What Types of Services Do You Provide? provides 3 types of services, covering anything that is needed: from scratch writing, revision, and proofreading.

  • From scratch – It means writing an essay from the beginning to the end with zero plagiarism, following customized instructions/files provided, adhering to all academic writing and formatting rules.
  • Revision – You attach a doc file of a finished essay that was already written but requires significant improvements (up to 70% of the content rewritten from scratch) and initial instructions/files that you need for revision.
  • Proofreading – You attach a doc file with a completed essay for proofreading (up to 40% of the content rewritten from scratch) and original instructions/files for perfect proofreading.

3. What Academic Level Do I Choose?

If customers are in college or university — they choose the same level when filling out our request form. However, clients may always choose higher educational levels as background research, word choice, and others, but keep in mind that the overall quality is much higher for Ph.D. or Master’s papers compared to university, college, or high school custom writing essays.

4. What Are Paper Formats Covered?

All. Our customers may choose APA 7, MLA 8, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian paper formats, among all, as those are the most popular options. However, if you have a specific format that is not one of those, choose “Other,” provide notes to the writer on what format is needed, and attach writing style samples if needed. will ensure that your format is followed strictly (for example, AMA, ASA, IEEE, OSCOLA, Vancouver, and others).

5. What Type of Paper Do I Choose?

If you need specific papers, acknowledge that in initial instructions/files for the writer (for example, research paper, essay, rhetorical analysis, summary, review, discussion post, case study, etc.). Check listed types and select a required one in our order form. However, if you are not sure, such type is not listed, or your professor did not specify types of essays, attach instructions/files you have, while the writer will write essays for you in the best possible way.

6. What Discipline Do I Choose?

If visitors need common disciplines – check listed subjects in our order form. However, if such discipline is not listed, choose any and attach instructions/files you have, while we make sure that clients will receive what is needed. Hence, we always contact customers if there are any questions.

7. How Many Pages Do I Need to Order?

Keep in mind that customers are paying for 250 words when choosing 1 page (double spacing), 500 words when choosing 2 pages (double spacing, or 1 page (single spacing), and so forth.

  • There is a difference between 250 words and 1-page length since 1 page in length is usually about 333 words, considering double spacing.
  • In turn, 1 single-spaced page in length is about 666 words.
  • Moreover, 1 single-spaced page = 2 double-spaced pages = 500 words in prices too.

While the length may vary because of pictures, spacing, paragraphs, and more, the academic standard of 1 double-spaced page is considered 250 words per page. The same is true for our pricing for essays and other research papers. assures that you will not receive fewer words than paid in final drafts. For example, when picking 2 double-spaced pages (from scratch, 2 sources), customers pay for 500 words of original content with in-text citations from two credible sources, not for 666 words (2 pages in length). When purchasing assignments with length requirements, consider that 333 words per 1 page are needed for double spacing, while 666 words per 1 page are required for single spacing. However, our prices are per 250 words. So, if you need 3 pages in length (about 999 words), you must pay for 4 double-spaced pages or 2 single-spaced pages in word count (1000 words). Besides, title and References/Works Cited/Bibliography pages are free and not counted in prices for essays and research papers.

8. What if I Need PowerPoint Presentation Slides?

For ordering PowerPoint presentations, customers pick the number of slides needed. However, if our clients need speaker notes or speeches, they put the number of pages needed for speaker notes or speeches. For example, 1 minute of a speech means 125 words used for a speaker. For 10 minutes of a speech, the word count is 1250 words or 5 double-spaced pages from scratch.

9. How Do I Pay Someone to Write My Essay or Research Papers?

After placing orders with initial instructions/files, a payment page is created automatically to pay for the essay. Deadlines start ticking after the company receives payments. No business days, holidays, etc. Only prepaid assignments are considered for further processing to the writer.

10. What Are the Secure Payment Methods for Pay for Essays Online? accepts Visa and Mastercard (debit and credit cards). We believe that the safest payment option is a bank transfer without any intermediaries. You can be convinced of this fact by simply clicking on the “pay” button.

11. How Do I Receive Completed Papers?

After paying, customers’ accounts are created. You will be able to check the status of orders after signing in, while our writer already begins to work on your essay. When the writer completes your assignment, check out a finished orders/files section when you receive system notifications sent to customers’ emails for downloading. All you need to do is to log in and download your final drafts in doc formats from your account. follows deadlines strictly and does not late works. So, everything will be done on time. In turn, our shortest deadline is 3 hours, while the longest one is 14 days.

12. How Do I Know Your Service Is Legit?

Competitiveness is a severe challenge for any professional writing service and a way of improving standards. To be sure that is legit and not a scam, check out our blog or customer reviews to understand that we are serious about providing high-standard writing services. There are many informative and high-quality articles in our blog, including essays written by our professional essay writers online, serving as valid evidence of our knowledge, professionalism, experience, and skills. Also, after receiving a quality essay, clients leave their feedbacks about positive experiences, approving our 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate.

13. Digital Sources, Plagiarism Report, and SMS Notification Options?

  • Digital Sources – Pdf/doc/jpg/png files of sources used in your finished essays will be attached to assignments for reading or printing.
  • Plagiarism Report – Pdf files indicating that there is no plagiarism will be included in file sections after completing assignments. Keep in mind that we write only original essays without plagiarism. However, strict professors require plagiarism reports to save their time when grading A+ papers.
  • SMS Notification – Clients receive SMS notifications concerning their papers directly to their phone numbers.

Why Should I Pay Someone to Write an Essay?

The reasons to pay essays are different. However, many clients need more free time or are overloaded with tasks. As result, they decide to pay for essays online that the writer will perform professionally. We respect that and help as many students as possible to type any essay or research paper, providing A+ quality all the time.

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Customers will receive system notifications to their emails when essays are completed within paid deadlines with no delays or problems. With, you will finally get your well-deserved rest, not being overwhelmed. Pay for essay and enjoy outcomes!

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