Privacy Policy

Customer’s anonymity is one of the most significant aspects that concern a lot of people using the essay writing service. However, when it comes to securing the safety of the clients, is interested in that the most as providing guarantees for the clients means that there will be more people willing to cooperate. Therefore, considering the importance of confidentiality, the Privacy Policy is significant to discuss for the customers to understand terms and conditions that affect the cooperation deeper.

Main Principles of Privacy Policy

As any core value, privacy guides the overall cooperation between the customer and Therefore, the privacy policy is all about:

  • Maintaining anonymity when possible;
  • uses private information that the customer shares for marketing purposes. Also, Privacy Policies of G2A and LPB Bank or any other payment methods used at are applied to all payments.
  • stores customer-related data until or law requires it. protects the data from unauthorized use. For more information regarding safety, see the Terms and Conditions page.
  • Simplicity is key when it comes to sharing the information or keeping it private so that never forces customers to share their personal information. Hence, customers can share the information voluntarily, controlling every aspect of our cooperation. Also, for more information, check the Terms and Conditions page for the description of regulations that apply for our cooperation.
  • A clear understanding of how information flow is important too. Therefore, the customer has to visit this page and other pages, such as the Terms and Conditions and Confidentiality Policy, to clarify anything.

Privacy Policy and Gathering of the Information can gather information from any domain related to it, emails, via social media, and more. Hence, communication means available for each customer have an aim at gathering the information that might benefit the cooperation. Therefore, the information will be gathered from everywhere possible to maintain beneficial cooperation for our customers. protects any private data of the customer when providing services. Hence, the Privacy Policy establishes the guidelines for both sides to rely on for further development of trust between parties and prevention of privacy breaches. In case there are any inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy, visit the Contacts page to submit a query in the way it is comfortable for you.

Specification of Information Gathered and its partners can obtain information from any source related to the operations. Also, and its partners may ask for the information directly or might gather the technical information that aims to enhance the cooperation between the clients on one side and and its partners on the other.

Additional information obtained via and its partners includes technical information and statistics. However, the purpose here is to analyze the behavior of our customers. Also, aims to improve the service based on such data. Hence, using includes the informed consent of the customers for such information gathered with the approval of all related aspects and understanding that takes zero responsibility for any problems related to information gathered. Consequently, for more information on guarantees and responsibilities, make sure to check the Terms and Conditions page.

Purpose of Gathering the Information

Firstly, the efficiency of cooperation is key. Therefore, it is important to maintain the highest speed of connection on the website and prevent delays and losses. Therefore, it is important to use Cookies to achieve such goals. Also, do not forget to read Cookies Policies for more information on that matter.

However, there is some information, gathering of which can be specified and explained for the customer to understand the reliability of such actions. For example, the user’s country information is important to prevent fraud, help with verification, gather statistics, and also help customers with payments because some countries have specific taxes. Also, the user’s email and phone number are important to our cooperation. It helps with the communication process and also helps to accomplish some marketing goals. On the other hand, the user’s name and surname are important in the majority of operations for verification reasons to prevent fraudulent transactions. Finally, city information, zip code, state, and address or some of the additional pieces of information might be gathered for billing.

Results of Data Collections and Privacy Policy

  • Efficient service. All issues are clearer when has all the information available on how to solve any problem with services.
  • can prevent delays or unnecessary problems if there is more information available about the customer, keeping all clients safe and satisfied with the outcome.
  • can provide the information to the customers about the new products and services available on the website.
  • You can ask about updates about the completion of the orders and other services when needed.
  • The legal aspect of our cooperation is undercover.

There are two legal reasons to gather information. Firstly, when has the legal reason under contract with you to collect the information under the Privacy Policy. Secondly, you can allow to collect the information under an informed consent by using the services available on the website. Also, remember to read the Terms and Conditions as this page describes all the instances related to you confirming that can access your personal information. can use data to satisfy customers’ needs or in cases when needs. For example, needs to contact the customer, which is the act that relies on the use of personal information, such as email, name, and more. The customer might also ask to process personal information. Hence, legal aspects may force to do so too. Also, for more information about the responsibility of and instances when your information is under the control of, read Terms and Conditions page.

Sources of Information and Privacy Policy

There are specific ways one can give information important for future cooperation. Some examples include, but not limited to, filling out the request form, sending an email, posting feedbacks and reviews on the website or social media, sending files with personal information included, both intentionally and not, filling out the information required for the transaction when one decides to pay for essay in accordance with the Privacy Policy of partners, including G2A, visiting the website, and navigating the website. Also, the types of information include technical, educational, personal, financial, legal, or related to the cooperation and services offered. Additionally, there are also external sources that might supply us with information about customers. They include all the partners and connected services that benefit customers and me.

Sharing Information and Privacy Policy shares the information only when the customer allows to do so or for legal reasons. For example, can share the information with services to send promotions, notifications, in legal aspects, pay taxes, and more. Additionally, can share information with services, such as G2A. Also, can give the information to third parties if the customer provides the informed consent or if finds that necessary. Hence, if the customers confirmed that they are willing to share the information by using the services and content provided by, both free and paid, can use the information in any needed way.

Also, the customer has no rights for the information shared with if they use services. Consequently, customers are bonded by the rules that holds no responsibilities for outcomes of such information sharing, storage, and usage of it. If the customers do not want such information to be utilized based on the judgment of – they should not use the services provided. To learn more about privacy and responsibilities, see the Terms and Conditions, Public Offer, and Confidentiality Policy pages.

Storage of Data and Privacy Policy will keep the data for as long as needs. Hence, the customer may always ask to delete the information about them, and will consider such a request. However, may always refuse such requests if there are no valid reasons for to erase some information about the clients, for example, statistics of their visits or email address to communicate if needed. In case of any questions regarding the storage of the information, see the Terms and Conditions pages for more information or contact directly via identified ways on the Contacts page. Also, if the customer refuses to share important information that might affect the cooperation of the customer and, the latter holds the right to deny providing any services to the customers and refuse to work in the future with the customer without providing any further explanations.

Your Rights According to Privacy Policy

Despite the fact that takes zero responsibility for any problems that might arise during the cooperation with the customers, as the latter is bonded to be responsible for any negative outcomes, being unable to benefit from the services provided in any ways except using the content as examples for personal work, there are some rights that are guaranteed to the customer.

The Right to Be Informed

One of the customer’s rights is to be informed, and this page, as well as all related ones, inform the customer about all aspects that might affect the decision to use the service and further cooperation.

The Right to Rectification

Additionally, the right to rectification is secured so that if the customer is not willing to use the services, there will be no information kept about them. From a moment they encounter website, the statistics of the visit, at least, will be recorded while the accuracy of the information is never perfect so that such information may be anonymized anyway and rectification of it might be impossible if it is obtained from other services while it cannot be rectified if the law requires any information to be kept by

The Right to Object

You may always object to anything that is related to the cooperation on the website. To do so, contact via email or chat, provide the query, stop using services, and ask about what you need when it comes to the storage, usage, or transmission of your personal data.

The Right to Access

Also, the customer can always access the information stored about them by contacting directly via email presented on the Contacts page or our chat.

The Right to Complain

The customer always has the right to complain regarding the use of data provided. However, the customer is the active user of services and uses under informed consent. They cannot complain about anything regarding the services and Privacy Policy. In case of any complains, the customer must stop using the service, ask for erasing of all personal data from to prevent any issues with the use of information they presented, and read Terms and Conditions to understand that none of the complaints regarding the services provided will be considered as the is not responsible for any problems related to the quality expectations, issues, problems, or anything else connected to the services and by using such services the customer approves that they understand that any outcome of such cooperation is under the responsibility of the customer.

The Right to Erasure

Also, the customer may ask for the right to be forgotten, and the contacts of the customer will be erased as per request. To do this, they must contact directly via email mentioned on the Contacts page or our chat.

The Right to Restrict Processing never keep unnecessary information. However, if the customers want to restrict the operation and usage of some data, they must contact directly via email or social media. Also, see Contacts or use our chat to find the best way to communicate with

Customers always hold the right to withdraw the consent as soon as they started to use the services of the website and ask to stop processing the data while the will stop recording the new data and will remove all the contacts and all the information possible. This works in all cases unless the information got to from other services as is not responsible for them. Also, see the Terms and Conditions to understand the responsibilities of more.

Navigating the website, the customer may notice various external links that may lead to other websites. Using those websites means that the customer has to acknowledge their own Privacy Policy. is not responsible for any of them. Be attentive when operating on other websites as they must have different Terms and Conditions, policies, and more.

Privacy Policy and Age Restrictions does not allow any underage children (under age of 16) to access the services and website, in accordance with ways prohibited by law. If you know anyone or have any information about people who access the website being underage, make sure to contact immediately. All the information about them will be erased and further cooperation will be prevented in any possible way.

Hence, if such individuals use the website by the informed consent, assumes that the access was under the supervision of parents who take full responsibility for any issues concerning the underage child while parents have to terminate the access to the website as soon as possible if they find the use of such service unnecessary for their children and make sure to contact us if they want to delete stored data or if they have any questions regarding Privacy Policy.

Again, takes zero responsibility for any issues regarding the use of the website by underage children as the full responsibility of the supervision of children accessing the content on the web is always on parents.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy can face several changes at any moment of our cooperation. Also, make sure to access the page before any use of the website to acknowledge changes in Privacy Policy and prevent any possible issues related to it.

Contacts and Privacy Policy Updates

In case of any questions, contact using the ways described on the Contacts page or write to us via chat.

Last Update of Privacy Policy– 06.01.2020.