How It Works?

Here will be a step-by-step guide on how it works – how to fill out the request form and to make sure that the order will be completed perfectly.

Place an Order to Learn How it Works

First of all, visit the Request Form. That is where everything starts. Access the various fields that you need to fill out in order to customize your request. Successful completion of the request form means that all instructions are clear so that your paper can be perfect. Hence, we will explain all available fields of the Request Form so that you can make sure you fill out all the necessary ones.

Contact Details

This field is for the customer to provide some personal information to contact them, to clarify any aspects of the order, or to send the finished product. Moreover, the customer can provide any name because I will use it only to refer to a person in the way they want. It can be a nickname or real name, and it does not matter. However, the customer has to provide a valid email not to lose the finished product. The Twitter field is for those who have a Twitter account so that the communication process can be held easier. The last field, which is a phone number, is for those who want to receive SMS notifications.


Firstly, the customer has the ability to customize the paper that they want to receive. Consequently, the customer may choose any “type of service,” such as from scratch, revision, or proofreading, depending on the work required with 100%, 70%, and 40% of new content written, respectively. Hence, “Academic Level” exists to identify what level of education you are trying to get to classify your skills and possible knowledge. We can use this feature to produce the written work that you need more realistically. “Paper Format” is also an important aspect that many people are looking at so that you have to identify the specific one for the writer to follow. Also, the “Spacing” and “Deadline” are fields for the customer to identify how many words per page they need, what length of the paper should be, and what is the deadline for the completion of that task.

Moreover, in these fields, you have to identify the topic of the final product and type of paper. Hence, such fields are also important to specify what paper you want to receive in the end. Additionally, the field “Discipline” is critical to maintaining what terms have to be used within the paper. Some customers might also specify what type of English language they want to see in their paper and there is a button “Language” for that reason.

Attach Files

This field is relatively short and simple. The customers might have instructions or additional guidelines in files, and they do not want to copy them in the instructions field to prevent any misunderstanding or to save time. Therefore, in this field, we expect the customer to attach all files important for the successful completion of the paper.


In this field, there is a big blank space for you to enter all the instructions that you have in addition to the attached files. Hence, you can provide all the instructions in that blank field. Also, kindly specify the number of pages, sources, charts, and PowerPoint slides required before you finish filling out all the relevant fields.

Additional Services

There are also additional services for any customers. The first one is about the inclusion of “Digital Copies of Sources.” This field is for those who need to get the sources for a personal reading used in the paper. The “Plagiarism Report” service is for those customers who want to make sure that everything is perfect in the paper. Finally, the “SMS Notification” service is for the customer who wants the most effective communication between parties and to get the notification about the completed paper as soon as I finish it.

Proceed to Payment

Additionally, after filling out the Request Form, make sure to click that “Order” button. If everything is clear, make sure to visit the Request page and check it out yourself.


Hence, make sure to check Prices before you place an order so that the cost of the service will be of no surprise to you.

From Scratch

Also, prices for the “From Scratch” type of service mean the cost of the paper where 100% of the content is rewritten from scratch or, basically, everything is written from the start without using any draft provided.


So, the service called “Revision” is for those customers who have the first draft available, but it is far from the final product so that we will write up to 70% of the content of the final draft while you write at least 30% of the final paper personally so that we can add on to it.


Also, the “Proofreading” service is used by customers who have the finished paper but want to improve it in a particular way. However, proofreading service includes the grammar check, minor editing, and maybe something to be rewritten here and there. Additionally, make sure to attach the final draft you have, specify instructions for the proofreading, and note that we will write a maximum of 40% of the content while the rest is on you.


Hence, some customers might also need visuals in their work, charts, or graphs, which you can find on the “chart” field in the Request Form. Also, some customers might need a presentation so that slides are also considered as unique visuals with the same price for both charts and slides.

Additional Services

Hence, additional services that might be included in the work cost additional money. Therefore, make sure to check how much each additional service costs before placing an order.

Know How It Works? Pay for Essay!

Consequently, after clicking on the “Order” button on the Request Form, you will be referred to a page with a summary of your instructions that you provided as well as the option to pay for such order. Payment options include LPB Bank, G2A, Visa, Mastercard, and other options supported by G2A and LPB Bank. Hence, in case of any problems with payments, check the Contacts page to find a way to solve the issue with us directly.

Enjoy the Process! That is How it Works!

So, after you pay for essay, sit and relax. Consequently, everything is undercover. Also, you may always contact via email, chat, or Twitter to check on the process or clarify anything. will contact you when something needs clarification too. Hence, you will get the order within the deadline that you paid for.

Receive Work

Hence, from the first minute to the last, is processing your request. You may get a completed paper much earlier than you paid for, but you can also get it in the last minutes of the deadline that you mentioned. However, within the deadline, you will receive an email with the written paper. Also, do not forget to check the Terms and Conditions page to learn more about the cooperation between and its clients.

Provide Feedback

After you got your essay written for you, kindly provide your feedback in the reply to the email with your work or send your feedback to us via direct messages on Twitter. Hence, we would greatly appreciate if your feedback can be used for further enhancement of my work or marketing of my services so that more people can get the needed essay writing help.