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Types of Essays

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Essays are crucial to the academic success of every student. Basically, this article focuses on different types of essays, namely narrative, classification, exposition, evaluation, descriptive, persuasive, research, and contrast. In this case, narrative essays deal with events that are important to a person.  Also, classification essays emphasize subjects with several categorizations. Hence, exposition essays present views of other people. On the other hand, evaluation essays appraise essential facts. Then, descriptive essays search the features of an object. In turn, analytical essays evaluate a subject judgmentally. However, persuasive essays prove a subject. Besides, research essays present facts that support an exciting topic. Finally, compare and contrast essays debate an issue from different viewpoints.

Types of essays

General Aspects

Writing is an essential skill that helps one to achieve better grades. While in school, every student must complete essays that evaluate writing skills. In this case, there are different types of essays that a student can write. Also, different essays have varying requirements. For example, teachers assess the ability of a student to follow the guidelines in various essays. Hence, every student must understand the features of different formats of essays. In turn, a student should understand the meaning and scope of the essays. Therefore, narrative, classification, exposition, evaluation, descriptive, argumentative, research, and compare and contrast are the types of essays that have dissimilar scopes and features.  

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay contains a story that is important to the writer. For instance, the writer can detail the experience that the person faced in life. In this case, narrative essays must describe how the event changed the life of the individual. Besides, people can detail their reactions to the life event. Also, a good narrative essay should have an exciting introduction that indicates the topic and catches the reader’s attention. In turn, the body paragraphs should give sufficient details of the personal story. Besides, one should use first-person language and descriptive terms to help the reader to visualize the story. Thus, a narrative essay, being one of the types of essays, should give a clear description of a personal account.

Classification Essay Type

A classification essay helps to arrange and organize a subject into several classifications. For instance, one should break down a complex topic into different sections to enhance their understanding. Basically, a classification essay helps readers to investigate the matter further. Along these lines, the writer must use simple language and phrases to enhance understanding and follow the rules of types of essays. In turn, this type of essay should have subheadings with precise details. Also, people must ensure that all categories relate to each other. In this case, every group should only deal with a single idea to avoid ambiguity or repetition. Thus, a classification essay helps to break a complex topic into sections that are clear to readers.

Exposition Essay

An exposition essay helps the author to present the views of other people. For instance, one can use an exposition essay to report on an event or a state of affairs. In this case, the person must present other people’s positions fairly and adequately by considering different types of essays. Besides, one should not criticize or interpret the views of others. In turn, an excellent exposition should have a clear thesis statement and supporting body paragraphs. Hence, people must ensure that body paragraphs have evidential support and logical transitions. Along these lines, the essay should end with a conclusion that restates the thesis. Thus, an exposition essay should present the views of other people.

Evaluation Essay Type

An evaluation essay helps the author to evaluate an important topic and develop opinions. For instance, the writer tries to influence people to examine their lives or values. Along these lines, the person should encourage readers to accept his or her view on a specific topic. Besides, these types of essays are common in book and movie reviews. In this case, a functional evaluation essay must provide adequate and clear descriptions of a subject. Hence, the author of the essay must make a definitive judgment. Also, the writer should use a clear organization to enhance clarity. Thus, an evaluation essay helps to analyze an event or situation and influences readers to change their perceptions.

Descriptive Essay

A description essay communicates the qualities and features of an object. For instance, the writer must focus on a single purpose or event and provide clear and concise details. Besides, the person should use sensory language to convince readers to accept the description provided. In this case, descriptive writing must focus on a specific subject, covering the features of the types of essays. Also, the writer must focus on providing precise details about the issue. In turn, people should follow a clear pattern of organization to enhance the clarity of ideas. Thus, a descriptive essay must focus on an object and use adjectives and adverbs that help readers to understand its features.

Analytical Essay

An analytical essay presents a critical assessment of text, ideas, behavior, or object. For instance, the writer must apply critical thinking when analyzing the issue. Besides, an analytical essay must be clear and logical to enhance understanding of significant concepts. Hence, a good analytical essay must have a loud and clear thesis statement that reveals the writer’s position on the object under analysis. In this case, the body paragraphs should support the view presented by the author on the subject under investigation to follow the format of these types of essays. Also, the essay should have a conclusion that restates the thesis statement and the supporting details provided in the body paragraphs. Thus, an analytical essay presents a detailed investigation of a subject or topic.

Persuasive or Argumentative Essay Type

A persuasive essay helps to prove that the author’s view on a subject is valid. For instance, the writer must convince the reader his arguments are more logical. In this case, the person must use persuasive language when writing an argumentative essay. Also, an argumentative essay must focus on a controversial issue. Then, the introduction of these types of essays should have a strong thesis statement that covers the author’s position on the controversy. In turn, the body paragraphs should support that writer’s opinion and provide a counter-argument. Besides, one must use a convincing tone while avoiding biases. Thus, an argumentative paper should convince the audience to accept the writer’s point of view on a controversial matter.

Research Essay

A research essay helps the writer to present facts to support a subject or a question. For instance, one must investigate a unique topic and gather relevant evidence. In this case, the person must present irrefutable evidence to support the theme in such types of essays. Along these lines, people must use the most accurate evidence to support the issue. In turn, a good research essay must have an exciting topic. Also, the writer must describe the research problem. On the other hand, the writer must define the terms, concepts, or difficult vocabulary used in the essay. Besides, a research essay should end with a conclusion that summarizes the main findings. Thus, this type of essay must focus on an interesting topic and provide relevant results.

Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay discusses a subject from two different perspectives. For instance, the writer must identify the similarities or differences between two ideas, objects, or events covered in the types of essays. In this case, the person should focus on differences in things that people take to be similar. Besides, one can focus on similarities in things that people consider to be different. In turn, a good essay should have a strong thesis statement supported by a convincing argument. Also, body paragraphs should discuss the similarities found in the objects under analysis. However, other sections should include the differences between the objects. Thus, a compare and contrast essay must identify differences and similarities in an object or an event.

Conclusion on Types of Essays

In conclusion, different types of essays have varying features and scope.  Firstly, narrative essays focus on events that are important to the writer.  Then, classification essays help to focus on subjects with several groupings. Next, exposition essays help the author to present the views of other people. Further on, An evaluation essays appraise a vital topic. Also, descriptive essays explore the qualities and features of an object. However, analytical essays assess a subject critically. In turn, persuasive essays help to prove a subject or a point of view. Besides, research essays present facts to support an issue. Finally, compare and contrast essays discuss a question from two different viewpoints. Thus, specific types of essays have varying features.