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Addiction is one of the fast-growing concerns affecting contemporary society, as discussed in this Ted Talk essay on “Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong” by Johann Hari. People can become addicted to anything that makes them happy, such as drugs, the Internet, gambling, alcohol, or sex. Consequently, such individuals disconnect from society since the community subjects them to punishment and perceives them as people who should not mingle with others. It is a form of the stereotype that Johann Hari seeks to alter in his video about drug addiction. The video amazingly conveys crucial information that everyone should embrace to transform society into a single body where people connect with drug addicts to help them to achieve a normal life without stigmatization.


The main point in the video revolves around reaching out for real connections and creating a meaningful atmosphere that is right for victims of substance addiction. Hari denotes that addiction is a factor of bonding with different things that make us happy (00:06:11-00:06:15). As a result, when exposed to isolation, human beings tend to look for anything that can make them happy, whether it means some drugs, alcohol, or visiting friends. In turn, the pursuance of satisfaction leads to a long-term psychological connection to a particular phenomenon, later termed ‘addiction.’

Ted Talk Essay on “Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong”by Johann Hari

Fictional Personal Experience

A look at this video reminds me of a drug addict I once encountered in a hospital. I had gone there for my routine checkup, and the person reported for his second session. He was directed to the counselor’s office, which got me wondering why he needed counseling instead of rehab with therapeutic medical services. My curiosity led me to the nurse I was in consultation with, who informed me that the person had already come from rehab and needed a counselor to guide him on how to cope with society. The nurse’s statement mirrored how difficult it might be for an individual to survive in a community after cessation of drug usage. As a result, relating this video to the scenario made me realize the need for bonding with drug addicts to make their new way of life comfortable.


This video is important because it can help to change the perception of society on addiction. The community, including some medical practitioners, has developed a negative attitude towards drug addicts due to their rising dependence on drugs, contributing to various disorders (J. D. Avery and J. J. Avery 2). The video reveals that most people fail to understand that addiction is not a chemical bond the body establishes with a drug but rather a psychological connection one establishes in pursuit of happiness. Therefore, watching this video inculcates the need for people to change their attitude towards the addict and try to understand them through developing connections and creating an environment that can help the victims transform.

Applying the Information

Since society has a negative attitude towards drug addicts, the information in the video can be used to sensitize people who are fond of criticizing drug addicts. The stigmatization of drug addicts by society can affect them in various ways, including low self-esteem, inability to access appropriate treatment, and damaged relationships with the people they love (Villa par. 1). As a result, the environment should be changed to suit everyone to prevent escalating instances of looking down upon drug addicts. Thus, taking the information from this video to counseling sessions and sensitization activities would be an effective way of helping society embrace victims of drug addiction.

Interesting Fact

Finally, it was quite flabbergasting to realize that some people can use drugs without getting addicted. Drugs, like heroin, have been known to cause addiction in numerous ways that involve medication and socio-economical dimensions (Din and Li 1). People who become addicted experience health, social, and economic effects that hinder them from blending effectively in society. Using any drug without addiction is a novel phenomenon I would like to research in detail and understand whether it is a psychological or environmental connection that triggers disengagement.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the video is quite informative on issues related to drug addiction. People may become addicted to drugs due to the environment and lack of community connection, pushing them into intensive use of drugs. Nonetheless, it has been revealed that it is possible to use a drug without getting addicted. Overall, the most important things worth emulating from the video are the need for establishing a connection with addicted people and transforming the environment to suit them efficiently.

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