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Nowadays, political violence is an essential topic for discussion because of the impact on social and global changes. In particular, a political attack is an intentional act of damaging an international organization for political influence. By considering this Ted Talk essay on “How Do Daily Habits Lead to Political Violence” by Christiane-Marie Abu Sarah, the attackers aim to affect people by damaging, destroying, or harming a nation’s population and economy to achieve a political objective. Thus, to counterattack political violence in America, it is crucial to analyze the video about the two young women committing a political attack, the current suicide bombing, U.S. political difference, terrorist actions, and roots of terrorism in society.

The Main Point

Firstly, the videos’ main point is about two young women committing a political attack. Notably, two women of similar age and the same political group decided to make a political attack (Sarah 00:00:19 – 00:00:30). In this case, one of the women took a gun, while another one used a bomb. One of them decided to shoot a soldier at the spot check, and another one took a bomb to a crowded coffee shop. The woman who intended to shoot a soldier changed her mind because she saw a similar character. In turn, the fact that people are all equal as human beings is the main takeaway of the video.

Ted Talk essay on "How Do Daily Habits Lead to Political Violence" by Christiane-Marie Abu Sarah

Using the Information

People can use the information from the video to analyze the current women suicide bombing and predict the future trends of terrorism in society. In this case, another woman continued with a suicidal attack. Notably, it shows that the evil group radicalized the woman. For instance, radicalized women can easily engage themselves in suicide bombing (Gentry and Sjoberg 1). It means that society must stop conceptualizing gender roles. People are “less likely to recognize the capacity of women to be suicide bombers” (Agara 118). It means that security forces and public members cannot identify women as terrorists because of gender orientation. In turn, this stereotypical perception is making women dangerous suicide bombers in society.

Personal Experience

My recent personal experience concerns US politics. In this case, I have witnessed political differences and hate speeches that increase political violence. Moreover, political violence in the United States has been brought by forming small underground groups. They fight for political power through various groups, such as separatist, nationalist, ethnic, criminal, and religious groups. As a result, the underground groups widen the political difference, leading to a significant increase in domestic political violence in America. Therefore, the formation of these groups leads to civil war and political violence within society.


Moreover, the importance of the video is to explain terrorist actions in society. For example, different terrorist groups commit politically motivated acts to cause death. The leading cause of political violence is fake news (Sarah 00:05:35 – 00:05:58). Basically, fake information leads to bad decision-making, which breeds political violence and polarization. In this case, lousy information results in dangerous actions, destroying a nation. Besides, terrorism destabilizes the country’s economy and social status. As a result, terrorism leads to the loss of people’s life and property. Thus, media must enlighten the young generation on the news they can trust because it will reduce terrorist actions in the community.

Roots of Political Terrorism

Finally, political terrorism has its roots in society. In other words, the former terrorist might re-join the community and avoid engaging in terrorist attacks, but they will still have radical beliefs (DeAngelis par. 24). It means that dishonesty and ideology pressure cause terrorism to remain. As a result, the lack of ethics, government conspiracy, and society’s evil are the leading causes of political terrorism, which causes continuing political violence in the community.

Summing Up

In conclusion, American society faces political violence because of the formation of young women committing a political attack, the current suicidal bombing, U.S. political difference, terrorist actions, and terrorism. Firstly, political violence is a result of bad habits and wrong communication groups. Then, the political attack results from political hate speech, political difference, and community problems. Finally, the media needs to teach youth to follow morality and encourage the government institutions to educate society on polarization issues, holding civil societies and politicians accountable for their incitement actions.

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