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Insecurity can be traumatic and self-disgracing because an individual can avoid a relationship due to the fear of acceptance. From this Ted Talk essay “Looks Aren’t Everything. Believe Me, I’m a Model” by Cameron Russell, people should be comfortable and accept who they are regardless of their challenges. Self-image is vital for individuals and the environment around them for better relationships in a person’s life. The video highlights that individuals should be treated fairly, own an urge for self-awareness, strive for self-growth, and that looks cannot be a determinant of an individual’s significance.

The Main Point of the Video

The video’s main point of Russell’s talk is to illuminate how unfair it becomes when individuals are prejudged because of their race, as it brings insecurities that hamper daily growth. For instance, beauty has been identified as white skin (Russell 00:03:02-00:03:15). Beauty is much more than fair skin. It is what the individual possesses on the inside that brings out an attribute that society enjoys. Thus, individuals should be treated fairly regardless of their skin color.

Ted Talk Essay on “Looks Aren’t Everything. Believe Me, I’m a Model” by Cameron Russell

Relating to My Personal Experience

I can relate the video to my personal experience because I have a friend who suffers the effects of not fully accepting themselves. High self-concept buffers low self-esteem in individuals against depression (Smith and DeMarree 11). In addition, the ally has hyperpigmentation issues on her face that forces her to use makeup products to conceal the dark spots. The depression and self-esteem weigh her esteem down each moment when she takes the products off her face. She detests who she becomes without the facial products. Therefore, a lack of personal acceptance crushes an individual’s esteem.

Applying the Information

Self and image acceptance is essential in an individual’s life because it raises the levels of self-worth. Hidden gifts and talents are uncovered due to self-acceptance (“Wellness” par. 3). People possessing the art of self-acceptance have the courage and the strength to identify the positive and negative traits they possess and come up with new strategies to improve their shortcomings. In problem-solving, individuals become better versions of themselves. The information can be applied throughout a person’s life. A constant reminder that the individual matters gives them the courage to stand up against individuals who criticize them because they understand that they are worth and capable. Thus, acknowledging oneself can improve the morale of self-care practices.

Surprising Fact

The one thing that surprised me in Russell’s video is how Latino individuals are subjected to suspicion due to their skin color. It appeared that Russell’s point persists in various fields. For example, racism and discrimination limit the participation of members of minoritized groups within geoscience spaces (Ali et al. 1). The disintegration makes individuals not appreciate their bodies which results in insecurities. Thus, racism should not be used to determine an individual’s significance.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the video aims to remind all people that they are all equally important no matter how they look. Moreover, I can relate to the video because I have witnessed my friend’s first-hand effects due to a lack of self-esteem. In turn, it is important to accept ourselves, disregarding how we look to enhance our growth. Furthermore, racism should not determine an individual’s significance because every person is vital in their way. Thus, individuals should learn to accept and appreciate the outer appearance.

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