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Revealing Unusual Facts About Popular Food Items

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Ladies and gentlemen, today, I am here to reveal some of the unusual facts about the meals we consume daily. Such food items include solid and liquid edible substances, like fruits, seafood, and dairy products. My purpose today is to educate you on some of the details about popular food that you are unfamiliar with, specifically hot pepper, sushi, and honey.

Consuming Extremely Hot Pepper Causes Headache

One of the facts about exceptionally hot pepper that most of us are unaware of is that it can cause a thunderclap headache if consumed in high quantities. Thunderclap headaches are associated with causing severe pain within a very short period. Extremely hot pepper, like the Carolina Reaper, contains capsaicin, which is a chemical irritant that triggers a thunderclap headache. In addition, eating hot peppers causes constriction of blood vessels that supply blood to our brains, which is a common symptom of a thunderclap headache. Therefore, anytime you plan to add hot pepper to your meal, you should remember to regulate the amount you consume because you might experience a thunderclap headache.

Revealing Unusual Facts About Popular Food Items

Fish Ingredient Is Optional for Sushi

Most of us have a misguided belief that sushi must consist of raw fish, which is contrary to the fact that not all sushi contains fish protein as an ingredient. Sushi is prepared with vinegared rice and mixed with other raw components, such as fish or vegetables. Nevertheless, the fact that fish is a common ingredient does not mean that the food item has to contain fish to be identified as sushi. Raw fish in sushi can be replaced by other ingredients, such as sweet potatoes, avocados, cucumber, and sauces. Hence, the raw fish ingredient is not mandatory and can be substituted by other components, like avocados.

Honey Never Spoils

Honey, unlike other foods, has the rare property of remaining edible forever because of its low water content, activity, and its acidity. This tasty food item has a lower water content, which leads to the dehydration of both fungi and bacteria. Moreover, it has low water activity that makes it impossible for bacteria to survive and grow. In turn, honey also contains gluconic acid, which creates an acidic environment, making it significantly difficult for bacteria to survive. As a result, the acidity of honey boosts its antibacterial characteristics, making it impossible to spoil. Thus, we should never worry about the expiry date of honey, thanks to its low pH and water content.


Notably, hot pepper, sushi, and honey have unusual facts about their potential to cause harm, content, and perishability. Firstly, hot pepper consumed in large amounts has the potential to cause a thunderclap headache because it affects the constriction of blood vessels that deliver blood to our brains. Secondly, sushi can be prepared with avocado as an ingredient instead of raw fish. Thirdly, honey has no expiry date because it has low water activity and content and is also acidic. Thus, knowing the unusual facts about the food you consume is important because it lets us dispel common misconceptions and even explore their potential in medicine. Thank you!

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