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Students research at advanced levels of education. Basically, people write research paper for evaluation and preservation. In this case, research paper writing in this article focuses on the content demands of the seven major sections: abstract, introduction, literature review, method, results, discussion, and conclusion.


An “Abstract” is the first section when scholars write research paper. For instance, the abstract is a short paragraph consisting of around 100-200 words. In this case, people summarize the objectives, methodology, findings, and conclusion of a study by considering how to write an abstract. Also, the content of the abstract presents a succinct overview of the study. In turn, the text enables a reader to judge whether it is necessary to read the entire paper. Besides, this section is independent of the rest of the paper.

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Writing Introduction

The “Introduction” segment discusses the background of the research topic and motivation for the research. For example, the introductory section has four main elements: a broad scoped discussion of the topic, problem statement, objectives, and hypotheses or research questions. In this case, the authors write research paper and provide the audience with a comprehensive explanation of the problem being studied. Moreover, the researchers define the purpose of the study and the research approach.

Literature Review in Research Papers

After the “Introduction,” people include the “Literature Review” section when they write research paper. For instance, a literature review is an exhaustive analysis and evaluation of existing studies on the research topic. Besides, the researchers use this section to demonstrate the sequential advancement of knowledge on the topic. In turn, it provides evidence that the researchers have accumulated adequate knowledge to interpret the results accurately.


When students write research paper, they describe the experimental procedures employed in the “Method” segment. For instance, this section discusses the research design, participants, materials, and procedures in much detail, which facilitates the replication of the study. Moreover, the methodology informs the readers of the researchers’ actions. In this case, this feature makes it possible for the audience to develop an objective judgment concerning the findings. Besides, the reliability of the outcome is dependent on the experiment design and the theoretical correctness of the analysis.

Writing Research Paper with Results

People present the outcome of the experiment in the “Results” section when they write research paper. For example, the results of the experiment should be mentioned without any interpretation to allow the audience to create their opinion regarding the outcome. Basically, this segment is arranged in a logical manner that ensures the readers can associate each finding with a particular hypothesis. In turn, tables and graphs may be used in presenting complex statistical analyses.

Discussion and Conclusion

The “Discussion” and “Conclusion” represent the explanatory section of the research paper. Firstyle, the “Discussion” starts with an overview of the findings and continues to describe the presence of similarities and differences between the current results and other studies mentioned in the literature review. In this case, researchers provide their interpretation of the findings and suggest possible causes of inconsistencies when they write research paper. Then, the “Conclusion” is usually untitled and highlights the implications of the findings. In turn, the research’s contribution to the existing body of knowledge and future research topics are stated. Hence, these two sections rely on the researchers’ opinions heavily.

Summing Up on Write Research Paper

A research paper has a relatively rigid structure with seven major sections. Basically, their specific content in each section may vary depending on the nature of the study. In some research papers, there may be additional elements, such as supplemental materials and appendices. Hence, people have to follow the basic principles when they write research paper. Also, check on how to write an essay.

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