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Sample of an Essay on My Family for High School and College Students

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A family is the smallest but critical social unit in society. It is impossible to quantify the value of this unit. Basically, the only thing possible is to determine its benefits. In my case, a family is the source of my mental and emotional strength. It is the place where I draw my inspiration. As I look back, I believe in principles that my family holds an instrumental role in shaping my worldview. Also, these principles are togetherness, affection, and independence. Together with diverse life experiences, these principles are the reason why I am optimistic, despite some circumstances at hand. As I apply to join Liberty University, I intend to be a valuable member of a new family, and I want to share it in this sample of an essay on my family.

I. Purpose of My Application in an Essay on My Family

The purpose of this essay on my family is to convince the application board that I am a worthy candidate for admission to Liberty University. In particular, I base this confidence on the fact that I have a solid academic background and a firm ethical and moral conviction. Moreover, I believe that studying at Liberty University will boost my academic pursuit because I can take a course. In turn, I firmly believe that it will help me to achieve my long-term career goals. More importantly, this university will grant me the favor that I need to succeed as an individual in terms of cultivating my qualities that are essential for personal, academic, and professional success. As I tell in this essay about my family, I am a proud product of parents and relatives driven by ethical and moral values. Besides, this background has served to propel me to greater heights of academic achievement and personal discipline. Hence, I seek to join Liberty to attain even greater heights.

Essay on my family sample

II. Essay on My Family: My Pillar of Support

Many writers have produced amazing texts about the value of relatives when there cover an essay on my family. Basically, some of these essays are considered masterpieces in the literary world. For me, a family is not an idea but real experience with tangible outcomes. Ever since I was a child, I have always felt the warm embrace of my parents and the solidarity of my siblings, even in the worst scenarios. For example, every time I had problems with my peers in the neighborhood, my older brother was always there for me. In this case, I can confidently say that I never got bullied even once during my childhood, despite my many shortcomings, such as being overweight. When it comes to my parents, I do not see disciplinarians but loving people, always ready to correct with love. Therefore, I can confidently say that my family is a pillar of strength for me, the source of my optimism.

III. Essay on My Family: Life Principles

Like any institution, a family is an excellent place for learning, with parents who serve the vital role of providing direction. Basically, whether a family is considered great or less than great, parents are always held responsible. In my case, my parents have been nothing but great. Moreover, whether my family can be considered excellent is an opinion of others. In this case, all I know is that my parents have been instrumental in teaching me fundamental principles. For example, these principles, which I consider themes in this essay on my family, are a strong sense of togetherness, affection, and independence. As I apply for admission to Liberty University, I commit to letting these principles abide in me and direct my every action and engagement. To me, Liberty would be a family, the place where I intend to perfect my life skills even as I expand my perspective about life.

A. Togetherness

The only thing that makes a family the most excellent social unit in the community is togetherness – the aspect of doing things as one unit. Basically, looking at my family, togetherness is the glue that has held us together during good and bad times. Like every family describes in this essay, my family has experienced a fair share of challenges. For example, my father, a veteran, battled alcoholism for the better part of my teenage years, leaving my mother with adult responsibilities of being a homemaker and breadwinner. In turn, this scenario took a toll on my elder brother, who sunk into depression and made my family a laughing stock in the neighborhood. However, my mother is not a woman who gives up. She loved my father dearly, and it did not take long before he came back to his senses.

1. Optimism

About my father defeating the vice of alcoholism, I commend my mother for seeing a sense of good in him and not a vice. Basically, this attitude of optimism has served as a foundation for my family and was the reason why my siblings and I have overcome odds to succeed in academics. In this case, it does not matter present circumstances. Life always has something good in the store,” – my mother always says it. Therefore, to me, optimism is not a theoretical concept, but it is a life philosophy. Also, I believe that having a positive mindset is essential, especially in a world full of challenges like ours. In turn, joining a higher learning institution is always a new experience for many students, one of that can be life-changing in positive or negative ways. Hence, I intend to make my experience positive in every way possible, and being optimistic is my strategy, as I share it in this essay on my family.

B. Affection in an Essay on My Family

I have read many times in books that “love makes the world go round.” In particular, I love the sound of this statement, and it denotes an aspect of an adventure. Moreover, I have learned a great deal about love from my family, which I consider a tightly knit household. Then, it is rare in my family for anyone to do things without telling another. In this case, secrecy and privacy are not things that we consider essential in the home environment. On the contrary, affection is the force that informs every action at the household level. Even when my parents are reprimanding my siblings and me, they do so with love. However, it is not to say that they are not strict on matters of discipline. In turn, all I can say is that they chose love over fear and have done so even when it comes to disciplining their children. By considering this essay on my family, I am who I am today because of their love and affection.

1. Religious Fidelity

As a Catholic, my mother has played a significant role as a shaper of the family’s ethical and moral compass. Although I do not consider myself religious, I subscribe to ethical and moral tenets backed by Catholicism and other religions. For example, one of these tenets is seeing a sense of good in others. Based on affection, this tenet is critical when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Naturally, every human being has shortcomings, whether in behavior or otherwise. Then, the very feature of disability denotes this aspect, and that imperfection is part of life. Unfortunately, the world is a cruel place, covering my essay. Moreover, not everybody is tolerant of those that seem different. In turn, attending church with my mother and learning at her feet has inculcated in me a fundamental belief that seeing a good sense in others triumphs over bias and all forms of stereotypes. Hence, I am not judgmental.

C. Independence

Craving for independence is the preoccupation for everyone in an environment of dependence. For example, one of these environments is home. In this case, attaining the age of adulthood means a lot of things to many individuals. For teenagers, it means no longer being under the careful monitoring of their parents. Moreover, this aspect explains why many individuals proceed to experiment with drugs and other vices. In my household, independence is not something we aspire for, but it is a present reality. As long as I can remember for this essay, my family has always encouraged me to speak up my mind, even what I am likely to say is childish or controversial. With love, they have always made me see sense from their point of view. Ultimately, this aspect of encouraging us to speak with our minds has inculcated a sense of independence in us. As a result, we are not afraid to take initiatives.

1. Initiative

My father’s favorite words when encouraging someone to take the initiative are: “It is the early bird that catches the worm.” Basically, these words ring in my head every time I encounter a challenge. In particular, I tell myself that, if I do not do it, someone else will, and they will take all the credit. Moreover, I can say that this life philosophy has fundamentally informed my competitive attitude for an essay, which I consider an aspect of strength and not weakness. Even though some of my friends say that I “bite more than I can chew,” sometimes, I am not of the school of thought that one must be entirely sure that something will work out to take action. In turn, my school of thought is that when someone starts an initiative, all forces line up in support of that action. As such, I see procrastination as an obstacle to progress.

IV. Essay on My Family: A Cruel World

One thing that gives me drive in life is the recognition that not everybody wishes you well. Basically, the world is full of people who will do everything to pull you down. In this case, it was a truth that I have learned bitterly. When my father drowned in alcoholism and my brother in depression, my mother worked tirelessly to feed our family and keep us together. On one occasion, there was no money to pay house rent, and agents could not agree to my mother’s promise to settle it in two weeks. Moreover, agents argued that, if my father could afford to drink at the local bar every day, our family could afford the rent and all outstanding arrears. Alternatively, agents asked my mother to work part-time in her shop to raise additional money. In turn, my mother agreed to this arrangement.

A. Racism

One of the things that I love about the United States of America is diversity across different dimensions, including race, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation. For example, my parents have always insisted that America’s racial diversity forms the fabric of its beauty. However, my mother’s experience at the agent’s mini-supermarket stained this perspective. In particular, being African Americans has always come with a price in some settings. Moreover, it is a fact that we have come to accept. Every evening, my mother would come with a disheartened countenance, and she would always tell us how some customers derided because of the color of her skin. In turn, this aspect was the most emotionally draining period of my life that I wanted to share in this essay on my family. How I wished I could become an adult overnight and take away some burden off her shoulder. Hence, this experience changed my perspective about people, and I started to believe that some intentionally seek to hurt others.

B. Lessons Learned From an Essay on My Family

The years when my mother played dual roles of the homemaker and breadwinner were the most difficult for my siblings and me. Besides the pain it brought, this period was also educative in some way. Firstly, I learned that problems did not justify giving up. Basically, it was a lesson exemplified by my mother’s actions and demeanor. Moreover, the fact that she had to step up and cover my father’s failures showed me that she was the type of person willing to take the challenge rather than give up. Secondly, I learned that you do not treat people based on how they treat you, but what you consider right. For example, no matter the negative experiences of racism, my mother never at one moment told us any negative thing about the majority race. In turn, she took each experience as an isolated case of individuals looking to cause trouble or bring others down.

C. End of Challenges

Despite some challenges that my family faced during my teenage years, my mother remained principled and focused on making life better. Moreover, I still believe that it is her love that made my father sober up. In this case, it did not seem to bother her that he was drunk. She always played her role as a loving wife. Then, I believe that her faith is instrumental in giving her the attitude of an overcomer. Today, my family is one unit because she never gave up. In turn, she has taught us, through action, that every challenge has an expiry date. Besides, that one must not make a permanent decision based on temporary drawbacks. In particular, one must face life with the conviction that victory belongs not to the faint-hearted but the brave. Hence, I pride in this conviction, and I choose to use it as a platform for my academic and co-curricular efforts, including such ideas in this essay on my family.

V. Essay on My Family: Summing Up My Value

As I apply to Liberty University, I believe that my family has prepared me mentally and emotionally for my life. Although college life has dynamics that differ from the home environment, established principles of togetherness, affection, and independence are sufficient to guide my life and experiences. In this case, I firmly believe that I can bring value to Liberty, which I see as my new family, where I have to put into skills that I have learned so far about overcoming challenges. Moreover, I see myself as an individual who has the frame of mind to withstand lousy energy, whether behavioral or relational. In turn, I look forward to engaging with peers and the teaching staff with enthusiasm, believing that everyone has something to offer. Thus, no matter our differences, I choose to see a good sense in everyone.

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