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Essay on My Journey to Yo-Yo Mastery

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  • Icon Calendar 18 May 2024
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In this Ted Talk essay on “My Journey to Yo-Yo Mastery” by Black, the author states that passion discovery does not imply that life will be flawless and free of hurdles. However, it is a motivator to do whatever people make up in their minds and the drive to conquer all challenges. Furthermore, passion provides many individuals with a strong desire to achieve their goals. As human beings, people borrow most of what they know from others’ experiences. Sharing ideas draws individuals closer and offers an opportunity for brainstorming firsthand thoughts. In particular, overcoming obstacles is closely intertwined with the experiences of all people and is an important manifestation that they can use to reflect on themselves, while persistence and perseverance sparingly bring about success in life.

The Main Theme of the Video

The main point portrayed in the video is overcoming obstacles to cultivate passion. In the video, Black acknowledged his passion for the Yo-Yo game and endured humiliation before reaping the benefits of his persistence and perseverance in later life (00:21-03:19). Taking on problems propels resilience capability. Therefore, the fact that people can conquer barriers, learn from difficulties, and capitalize on mishaps provides an ideal base for a successful future.

Ted Talk Essay on "My Journey to Yo-Yo Mastery" by Black


Comparatively, the testimony matches the experiences of all people For example, shared passion generates a profound psychological tie that motivates individuals with various vantage points and perspectives to interact with one another even if some of their foremost treasured notions are challenged (Hagel par. 22). Man people rarely share their experiences and are likely to miss out a lot that may probably enable them to identify with their right passion. Hence, people can learn the experiences of other individuals while providing new ideas and perspectives that can help to shape their destiny since sharing is learning.


The video is an important eye-opener. Discovering a domain necessitates interacting with others in capacities that delve beyond the superficial aspects of an informal discussion and allow people to perceive the subject through several lenses (Hagel par. 18). Idea sharing enhances the decision-making process to arrive at the most appealing result. Therefore, people should explore ideas from a broad spectrum of other individuals to identify with their passion.

Applying the Information

All individuals can apply the video content to acknowledge their passion. Jean-Paul Sartre said, “We must act out passion before we can feel it” since effort precedes success (Chanos 51). It means that people must work for what they intend to be. Hence, success comes from persistence and the urge to improve human lives each day with a set goal.

Surprising Fact

The surprising fact in the video is how Black conquered obstacles and constantly improved his mastery of the Yo-Yo game each day. Understanding the gap between now and future habits and desires is essential in achieving a match between values and passion (Schippers and Niklas 9). Crafting one’s life is a critical turning point in an individual’s path. Therefore, resilience is vital to success.

Summing Up

In conclusion, success is an outcome of conquering obstacles. Identifying passion is a simple thing, but overcoming obstacles is another one. The endurance portrayed in the video can be critical to anyone. Moreover, people can learn that success entails capitalizing on personal mishaps. Therefore, the content in the video applies and relates to the personal experiences of all individuals in an urge to identify with their passion.

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