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Advertisement Analysis Assignment

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An advertisement analysis assignment is a common type of work where students have to find a visual representation of a good and write a paper on it. Basically, people analyze the chosen advertisements on different aspects of the visual pictures. In this case, they can define the main aspects that companies use to interest the audience. Also, students can find it interesting to describe their feelings and thoughts when they look at the advertisements. On the other hand, they can define the strong or weak aspects of the methods or visuals that the companies use for their advertisements. In turn, this advertisement assignment focuses on an analysis of the “big. beefy. bliss.” visual representation with the products, such as Big Mac, Angus Deluxe Third Pounder, and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Advertisement Analysis Assignment on Attempts to Catch Consumers

In fact, the advertisement attempts are the way to get the customers with the help of the bright pictures. For example, McDonald’s demonstrates the words, such as “big. beefy. bliss.” in the picture to show the customer that these three words must describe the food. Moreover, it also suggests that other fast food producers are not the place where the customer can find the desired food by considering an advertisement analysis assignment. In order to underline the importance of the choice of the client, the advertisement assignment also includes a picture of the food, such as the Big Mac, Angus Deluxe Third Pounder, and Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Advertisement assignment

An Analysis of Advertisement Assignment on The Audience

The audience of the advertisement is all people who like to eat tasty fast food. In this advertisement analysis assignment, people who think about food with the purpose of not being hungry can see this advertisement. Also, they can feel the desire to buy some of these burgers. Moreover, three words also suggest that the client must feel that the person is strong. In simple words, it is the psychology of the human. If the person sees that the particular food is for the real man, then this individual will buy it because of the stereotype of the opinion of society. In this way, this advertisement assignment can target people who have high self-esteem.

Showing Attributes

In order to show the attributes of the hamburgers, McDonald’s uses bright and colorful photos with the purpose of getting a desire to buy them. On the other hand, the company also demonstrated its own authority. By looking at the picture, it seems that McDonald’s is a “big daddy” and specializes in the fast-food field. The pictures of the burgers with three words only improve the power of the messages of the visuals. In this advertisement analysis assignment, the feeling of the desire to buy food is increasing. It is because of the strong reputation and assurance of professionalism.

How Did I Analyze My Attention Through Advertising?

Firstly, the big burger caught my attention with the red background and three words. My first look was aimed at the big burger. Also, I saw the background in this advertisement assignment. Then, I read three words. In turn, the confidence of the advertisement impressed me. Moreover, in order to be sure that McDonald’s wrote the truth, I compared the words with the pictures of the burgers. When I checked it, I was sure that the words were appropriate to the pictures. As a result, I felt in my stomach the desire to eat all of these burgers, covering an advertisement analysis assignment.

Advertisement Assignment and Analysis of Factual Information

The factual information is the images of the burgers and appropriate words in order to describe all of them. The customer may see the strong words that can describe the food that the person wants. Then, the attention of the client lies in the investigation of the connection between the words and its products. After this, the person feels hungry and wants to buy the product, covering an advertisement analysis assignment. As a result, the goal of McDonald’s to sell its own products is achieved. In this case, the company provides factual information about its own product. Besides, the client is sure that it is the truth.

Advertisement analysis assignment

Presenting Credible Information

In order to show credibility, on the right side of the picture, there is the logotype of McDonald’s company covered in this advertisement analysis assignment. During the process of reviewing the representation of the messages of the advertisement, the client may think about who is the producer of the food. Moreover, it is not surprising that the reputation of a company is an important point for any company. If the reputation of the organization is negative, then even a perfect advertisement may not help to take the attention of the customers. In the case of McDonald’s, people can be sure that food is a quality product. Also, the advertisement assignment is credible. Furthermore, it improves the positive reputation of the company.

Important Features of Advertisement Analysis Assignment

The undisclosed truth is the perfect representation of the burgers. In this advertisement analysis assignment, the client may see the sharp contours of the burgers with unnatural colors. Moreover, not all people know that the food in the advertisement is not natural or changed with the purpose of making the perfect photo. In simple words, the food in the advertisement cannot be eaten in reality. Furthermore, the advertisement also does not present the price of these burgers. In this case, the client may be disappointed because of the high price.

Complications of Advertisement Assignment

However, it is only the bright and colorful pictures. Basically, the burgers in the advertisement are not the same as in reality. For example, the real burger is natural, while the drawn food looks perfect by considering an advertisement analysis assignment. Despite this, the advertisement assignment is the first stage in order to get the audience of customers. It is because the second step is eating. In this case, the effectiveness of the advertisement is high because, between the two stages, there is money. In simple words, the second step was the evidence that the client got the burger for money. Besides, it is the goal of the advertisement to sell the products and get money for this by using any of the rhetorical devices possible.

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