Advertisement Review

For this advertisement review example, I evaluated the advertisement that includes the theme of the particular food. In this case, my criteria of the evaluation include finding the advertisement influences on the food choices, audience, emphasized attributes, ways of the attention, factual information, trust for the consumers, second floor, and its effectiveness. In order to complete this task, I took the McDonald’s menu of the meal with a side salad and cola or McCombo (Pic. 1).

Advertisement review example

Pic. 1. The McCombo menu.

The Purpose of Buying The Food in The Advertisement Review Example

Firstly, the McDonald’s menu in this advertisement review example attempts people to buy the salad when they order the hamburger with the cola. In fact, it is obvious that the advertisement has two sides in the picture where the salad is the key theme of choice. As a result, people have to buy the salad and taste it because of the propaganda of the natural products and the bright picture. Moreover, the design of the picture also emphasizes to make the right choice to buy the McCombs.

Advertisement review

The Advertisement Review on the Audience

Then, the audience of this menu is the young people in the major sense by considering the advertisement review example. For example, people know about the stereotype that fast food is dangerous for nutrition, and they recommend eating healthy dishes (Strom par. 10). In the case of the McCombo, the company offers organic food or salad. Young people are sure that they eat healthy food. Moreover, vegetarians also can buy the salad even if they do not purchase the hamburger.

The Theme

Further on, the salad is the main theme to emphasize it, covering the advertisement review example. On the right side of the picture, the salad takes the key role. Also, the right part is the screen that demonstrates the natural product. In this case, the color of the organic food is green, and this point is also emphasized in the picture. On the other side, the red color of the tomatoes with water drop has another influence on the choice of the consumer. It is a sign of ripe products.

Advertisement Review Example on The Mechanism of Taking The Attention

Moreover, the advertisement uses an interesting mechanism to take the attention of the consumers. In this advertisement review example, when the person wants to buy the hamburger, then this individual seeks the desired food on the picture. However, this dish is in the background of the picture, and the salad takes the key position. After that, the consumer focuses on the salad and begins to seek information about it. At that moment, potential customers move their heads to the left side and find the delicious salad to buy it. As a result, this advertisement has a clear logic and way to get the attention of the consumers.

Advertisement Review Example on Factual Information

Another feature of the advertisement is factual information. In this advertisement review example, any picture that demonstrates the choice cannot exist without the direct text. On the right side, there is the message to the consumer that this menu is a simple choice, while the right part demonstrates the increase of choice. It means that the consumer can taste it, and this individual will not hesitate to repurchase it. Furthermore, on the right corner, the person can find the link to check the additional information about this menu and its elements.

Credibility of Advertisement

On the other hand, the McCombo menu does not refer to any credible attitude. In other words, the McDonalds company does not refer to any sources, covering this advertisement review example. However, the advertisement is credible because of the popularity and rates in the food market. This evidence even supposes that people will get the tasty food in the McDonalds. Thus, the reputation of the McDonalds company is the source of the credibility for the McCombo menu and main theme or salad.


However, the current advertisement does not guarantee that the consumer can buy a similar dish in reality. In fact, the images of the real dish and the advertisement are different. The picture in this advertisement review example does not represent the taste of the salad. It is because there are no images or mentions of the salt or other elements.

The Effectiveness of Advertisement

Despite this, the effectiveness of the McCombo menu is high because consumers always prefer to buy something new for their nutrition. If the fast-food company constantly demonstrates the own products with the meat, then the implementation of the organic food or salad into the menu is logical. The purposes covered in this advertisement review example are to increase the rates of sales, satisfy the needs of modern nutrition, and get new consumers. On the other side, consumers have a new menu that they can taste and enjoy.

Summing Up on Advertisement Review Example

In this advertisement review example, the McCombo menu with the main theme of the salad is an effective way to get new customers and satisfy the needs of natural food. This advertisement has a deep sense. Also, it follows the logic of the consumers when they begin to think and seek the new option to eat. The theme of the salad is brightly presented in this advertisement. Finally, if the person wants to eat organic food, then this picture will take his or her attention and show the direction to taste it. Also, check info on literary analysis.

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