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How to Write Essay Examples

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Writing is a useful form of communication among people. Basically, people write essays to represent their ideas, discusses relevant issues, or share their feelings. However, readers cannot accept all of the essays not only because of the mentioned ideas but also used structures. Typically, the essay consists of four main sections, including the introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and references if needed. Also, people may need some information on how to write essay examples if they want to shape their knowledge and master their skills. Hence, this article provides an example of an essay on the theme of mass shootings with its explanations for each section of the paper.

Introductory Paragraph

An introduction is the first section of the essay structure by considering how to write essay examples. Basically, people start from introductions because they need to represent the main ideas that readers will see in the body paragraphs. Also, the introductory part ends with a thesis statement that represents the main idea of the essay.

How to write essay examples

An Example of Writing an Opening Sentence in the Essay:

The United States has experienced multiple incidents of mass shootings at educational institutions.


This statement announces the topic and makes a general remark. Basically, it could be more than one sentence, depending on the complexity of the topic and length of the essay.

Examples of Writing Other Sentences in the Essay:

Social media is one of the platforms that news media employs in the dissemination of information concerning mass shootings. Students who possess smartphones can easily access the new updates posted on social media during a mass shooting incident.


This segment of how to write essay examples isolates the subject of the essay. For example, it creates a bridge between the broad opening statements and the narrow, focused thesis statement.

An Example of Writing a Thesis Statement:

News media’s use of social platforms in delivering near real-time reports of mass shootings impairs the ability of victims to make split-second decisions because it is an unregulated form of mass communication.


The thesis statement states the author’s primary claim. It provides the audience with a preview of the content discussed in the essay. It may highlight the major subdivisions of the essay.

How to Write Essay Examples With Body Paragraphs

The body of an essay is the second section, where writers expand on information discussed in the introduction. In this case, people may divide a body section into paragraphs. Moreover, they must remember that each body paragraph must cover a single idea to follow the rules of how to write essay examples.

An Example of a Topic Sentence:

News media outlets have the potential to focus the attention of social media users on specific topics in a matter of minutes.


People place a topic sentence at the start of each paragraph. Basically, it is a crucial element of body paragraphs. Also, this sentence outlines the particular minor idea discussed in a paragraph.

An Example of Cited Evidence or In-Text Citations for the APA format:

According to the Communications Authority of Chicago (2019), the Cable News Network (CNN) has 200 million followers on their Twitter page (p. 13). CNN has a significantly broad social media audience. Jonas and Rhodes (2017) found that the average American between 15 and 35 years logs into at least one social media platform every two minutes when not engaged in any productive activity (p. 23). This finding suggests that a tweet by CNN may reach millions of people in a relatively short time spun.


This section is reserved for the presentation of specific evidence and the complementary explanation of its relevance. In this case, the evidence provided must support the minor idea suggested in the topic sentence, covering how to write essay examples. Also, people must explain how cited information relates to the topic sentence to avoid plagiarism. In turn, if writers do not explain their citations, it is one of the forms of plagiarism.

An Example of Writing a Concluding or Transitional Sentence:

Therefore, it is plausible that new media outlets that upload near-real-time updates on mass shootings fast-track the spread of information concerning ongoing events.


A concluding sentence marks the end of a paragraph. For instance, it emphasizes the minor idea and links the paragraph to the thesis statement. Moreover, this statement may act as a transition to the next body paragraph.

Concluding Paragraph in Writing an Essay Example

A conclusion is the last part of an essay. Basically, if people know how to write essay examples, the concluding part is not a problem. In this case, people start by restating a thesis statement. Then, they discuss the main points from the body paragraphs. However, they must not provide new information. As a result, writers end the paper with the last sentence where they make a final claim on the topic.

An Example of Restating a Thesis Statement:

Victims of mass shooting events are susceptible to the influence of social media content generated by news media, which complicates their decision making process during the high tension incidents.


People restate the thesis statement to create emphasis to follow the rule of how to write essay examples. In turn, people must not copy and paste the main claim since it represents poor knowledge of writing.

An Example of Writing Other Sentences in the Conclusion:

During mass shootings, students have to stay online to communicate useful information to the appropriate agencies. However, the student’s online presence exposes them to disturbing information. In turn, the adverse effects of disturbing information outweigh its benefits.


Writers develop a summary of the main points discussed in the essay. For instance, this section may contain the author’s opinion in some types of essays. Also, no new information should be introduced in this section by considering how to write essay examples.

An Example of Writing a Last Claim in the Essay:

Internet services have proved to be a useful tool in resolving massive shootings, but educational institutions should encourage communication through controlled platforms.


The author recommends a course of action. Alternatively, a statement anticipating future trends may be written.


A reference is a source that people may use to strengthen their ideas. For instance, if writers refer to evidence, ideas, or concepts of other authors, they must cite it by using defined paper formats to avoid plagiarism. Also, people may use many sources, depending on the volume and complexity of the work. In turn, they must implement only credible sources to avoid biased information.

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