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Personal Statement Format

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Dr. Isabel Larsen
  • Icon Calendar 15 May 2024
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University applications typically require the applicant to write a personal statement. Basically, this type of paper plays a crucial role in the selection process. In this case, personal statements are semi-formal essays that enable admission tutors to make subjective judgments. However, the personal statement format depends on the author’s personal information. Therefore, an in-depth discussion concerning personal statements covers the format and main characteristics.

Format of Personal Statements

The personal statement format consists of three main sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. In this case, the paper adheres to the basic structure of an academic essay. However, most of the rigid academic guidelines are not enforced during the writing process.

Personal statement format

Firstly, the introduction section does not have any strict guidelines regarding content. However, it should be able to capture the audience’s attention. In this case, the author has much freedom regarding the technique used in developing the introduction. Also, the opening paragraph does not end with a thesis statement.

Then, body paragraphs are tied to the introduction and illuminate the concepts presented in the opening paragraph. In turn, there must be an apparent logical link between the information in the introduction and body. Hence, writers should provide the reasons for their interest in a particular program, evidence of their readiness to make a real commitment, and core values that make them ideal candidates. In turn, people may present this information directly or indirectly through life moments.

Finally, the concluding paragraph of the personal statement format contains the authors’ last remarks. Basically, it should emphasize their academic, social, and personal competencies that make them uniquely qualified for a program. In this case, the closing statements focus the reader’s attention to the main themes of the personal statement.

Main Characteristics

There are some readily observable characteristics of the personal statement format. In this case, these characteristics of the paper distinguish it from other forms of college essays.

Firstly, the essay mentions the core values of the author. For example, the description of an individual’s character and beliefs is an essential aspect of a personal statement. Basically, it is because the information cannot be acquired from any other sources.

Secondly, a personal statement depicts some sense of vulnerability. In this case, the language used in the essay enables the author to expose the reader to intimate life events, which have a deep emotional meaning. Primarily, people create a personal connection between the author and audience on reaching the end of the essay.

Thirdly, it contains at least one “so what” moment. Basically, this particular event explained the specific instance when the authors became sure of their desire to pursue a career. Besides, these turning-point events should be peculiar.

Finally, the personal statement format presents a well-thought-out series of events that are logically connected but are not easily predictable. In this case, logically linked events show the reader that the author selected the most appropriate life moments to generate a convincing personal statement.

Conclusion on Personal Statement Format

The personal statement format has distinctive characteristics, although it conforms to the standard three-section essay format. Basically, authors may employ custom paragraph structures. In turn, the conventional grammar guidelines must be observed. Hence, core values, vulnerability, overreaching logic, and “so what” moments are the main qualities of a personal statement.

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